Razer Pro v1.6 1600dpi Gaming Mouse

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Razer Pro v1.6 1600dpi Gaming Mouse
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is it worth it? Better than my old microsoft explorer ??

Maybe if I didn’t just buy the Bourne Files.


This is MAC compatible! :0

corded mouse ftl.

not a bad deal, however logitech rulez my roost in this department.

I want the logitech

logitech yo

Already got one… thanks anyway.

No need for more cords. Outdated.

bought this the last time around, great mouse, the only problem is that you need a mousepad

hahahahahaha foreigner. very clever description.

I used to use a microsoft mouse for gaming and general use, but then tried a Razer Diamondback and have never looked back. Although I think the white is UGLY, this is a VERY nice mouse.

I have large hands btw, and it fits me great. Some people do not like the feel of laying your fingers down on it, but I find it very comfortable.

I should also mention that the side buttons are pretty much useless. They’re like a rocker switch, but the middle can be pressed if you’re not careful which kind of press’s both buttons at the same time. I’ve become used to not using them, but if you like side buttons you will probably hate this mouse.

does this beat my MX revolution?

I’m happy with my Logitech mx518, maybe if this had more that 1600dpi…

I must have woot fever. Buy one woot and not I start climbing out of my bed at one in the morning to see if it’s either a bag of crap of if it’s a woot off. Damn I addicted now. Are I supposed to ask if it is Mac compatible now?

logitech 4 life

Several Reviews I could find, for those considering the purchase: