Razer Protone m250 Street-Style Clip Earphones


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Razer Protone m250 Street-Style Clip Earphones
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Razer Protone m250 Street-Style Clip Earphones
Color: White, Black


Why cant these be the M100 that fit in the ear instead of these :*(


Crap! Why couldn’t it have been the m100’s?! I’ve been wanting another pair…


CNET review. Doesn’t seem too bad, but the cable is supposed to be really short.


I wanted the M100s


These work very well. I like the new woot! option to pick the color. Go with black. Will hide the dirt :wink:


Nah, I want the boes headphones…




I got a couple pair from a two-fer a while back and they are great! I think they will even work with a Mac if you roll that way.


reviews anyone?


MaximumPC has a short review…


I got 2 pairs of these from woot awhile back, they quickly became my favorite all-purpose headphones.

They are comfortable, durable, have decent sound quality, and I don’t have to worry too much about breaking them.

p.s. i actually have a pair of these and an ipod nano in my pocket right now o.o


15 bucks for crap clip earphones…pass


I must say I try to avoid purchasing Razer products. In my experience, the customer support is terrible, especially when products break.

I purchased a Razer blue mouse from Woot a while back. It broke almost immediately. After 11+ weeks, I am still waiting for a replacement from Razer. That is an eternity to replace a <$50 mouse. They have been unhelpful in my e-mails to them, always claiming that they’re out of stock and will ship a replacement as soon as possible. Why they wouldn’t just send me an equivalent mouse is beyond me.

I’d stay away from Razer because in my opinion they do not support their products even while under warranty.


i agree


Almost there…I’m waiting for another pair of the M100’s. My mom is begging me for a pair but she doesn’t understand how Woot only has one item per day.


I have the other Razer earphones the m100, and I love them. Don’t know how these stack up compared to the m100s. But for $15, that doesn’t sound bad at all.


I bought these during a previous Woot. Actually, it was a 2-for-Tuesday deal. Anyway, they are great headphones that I use constantly. I am a person that can’t stand earbud headphones, so these were perfect for me.


i got the in-ear ones from last woot and they completely own. use them all the time