Razer Protone m250 Street-Style Clip Earphones

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Razer Protone m250 Street-Style Clip Earphones
$5.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Razer Protone m250 Street-Style Clip Earphones
Color: White, Black

Got a pair last time, they are awesome.


They may be up all the time, but at that price… I’m tempted because I could use some headphones to repalce the earbuds that came with my Zune.

Would love to see some reviews from wooters that grabbed these before. How’s the bass and comfort, in particular? I’ll be wearing them for hours at a time at work.

lowest price elsewhere, around $24.00

go for it!

I got two pair several months ago. I’ve been really happy with them.

I bought a set of these the last time they were up, and I really like them. I haven’t seen where they’re any better than the pair of $20 Sony clip-on earphones I bought other than, well, they were cheaper. I’m tempted to buy a couple pairs to have as a back-up or to give as presents.

In for two… one of each color.

Hopefully, I’m helping to stop these things from coming up. :wink: Join the movement… buy in multiples!

Honestly, I needed new headphones… and at this price, why not?

I have a pair and I am no audiophile but I liek them a lot. Very nice sound and (to me) much more comfortable than earbuds.

These come up a lot on Woot, not sure why. I have two pairs, one as a backup for when my primary pair eventuallly gives out. I find them comfy, good sound, and lightweight. I really only get bothered by them after wearing them for 4+ hours, otherwise I don’t really notice them. They are spring clipped to your ear, with the can sitting on your ear itself. Despite claims that I’ve read of sound bleeding, they seem pretty focused and even fairly loud I cannot hear them outside of a few inch radius. The bass on these are surprisingly good for as cheap as they are. No, it’s not world shattering, but you’re going to pay about $30 to get better than the good bass pickup on these.

The design seems to bug people, I stopped noticing after the second time I put them on, as I really just cared for the sound. My only gripe with them is the cord - I prefer a much longer cord, so had to buy an extender for a few bucks at Target. The cord’s shortness really bothers me, and if I wear a waist-mounted mp3 player, I find them to pull off my ears due to the tautness of the cable at times. I tend to use them while sitting at my desk reviewing docs and spreadsheets though, so not too much of an issue there.

I like mine. So there. I got a pair from woot months ago and like 'em. My ears are shaped funny or something, because I can’t keep buds in without shoving them in so far they might as well be called an implant and my eardrums bleed. I wear glasses of some sort at all times–regular or sun depending on light conditions–and have multiple ear piercings. These work great with all of that crap. The sound quality is about as good as any other headphones. They are not made of magic, or cheese. They do what they’re meant to without any fuss. Good enough for me.

Edit: I find them very comfortable. After a number of hours, though, I find they pinch a bit. I take them off, give my ears a break, and put them back on. All is well. I mostly use my mp3 player to listen to audiobooks because I am a nerd, and have no quality issues there. The music I like isn’t very bass-heavy, so I can’t really give a good opinion one way or the other on bass.

my bad… can we choose color?

got these a while back, and i like them a lot. never really liked earbuds (they either fall out, and the ones you have to squeeze into your ear are a bit annoying), but these work nicely. sound is decent, midtones are nice but bass isn’t that great, albeit better than what you’ll get from other headphones in this price range.

someone who has these tell us how they peform i have seen these on a woot off $10ea so the price looks right…

Boo–just paid $10 a pair for these in the Woot-off. The headphones are okay–I like them for walking the dog but when I wear them for jogging they are heavy enough that they kind of bounce unless I’m wearing a headband. The case that they come in is a really nice size for storing small electronic things (e.g., Zen 16 GB mp3 player). The case has a 3-sized zipper and is padded.

I purchased these from the last woot off…well, not the April Fool’s woot off but the one before that. I got them for my son and he just loves them. The price has dropped since I bought them, and this is a great deal. I’m getting two more for my fiance and my brother. Good woot!

How much do these usually cost on woot? I could swear I had seen them for cheaper…or am I just imagining that?

EDIT: nevermind, I read the above post, so I guess this is the best it’s gonna get

Yes. Click the I want one button and you’ll see.

I think usually $9.99 or $14.99