Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse

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Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse [New] - $13.37 + $5 shipping

1 * Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse w/1800dpi 3G Infrared Sensor - RZ01-00240100

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Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse
$13.37 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse w/1800dpi 3G Infrared Sensor - RZ01-00240100

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its 1337!!! plus shipping.

Hah - nice price.

oh vey…


40 bucks at amazon new, good reviews.

where time becomes a loop…

Very funny. The price is “leet speak” for Elite. 1337.

$13.37? some type of message???

That’s the one, but they come with a WOOT CAPE!!! :slight_smile:

Cheapy Cheapy almost freeeee!!!

Weren’t these like 30 last year?

Not as good as the Razer Dethadder I bought on here.

I got this mouse a few woot off’s ago. overall i like it and have had no problems with it. works fantastically. replaced my wireless mouse…maybe cause im too lazy to plug it in after the batteries died.

wow. I really thought it was Monkey Time.

If your a hard core gamer, this is the mouse for you. Especially for 13 bucks! I have one got it for 40 when it first came out

DOA wootoff

Figured I’d buy it since I’ve seen it (or another razer mouse) every wootoff for a while. Helping things along.