Razer the Roof!

What’s your game of choice?

I remember when I was gaming pretty hardcore (no I won’t get all back in the day), I had a Razer with programmable buttons on the side (I probably got it from woot, just saying). I’m not sure it made me especially better, but my tiny hands were grateful not having to stretch out over convoluted macros on my keyboard.

And here I thought you made scooters!

No Protoss messenger bag? :frowning:

They have new ones on Amazon for 10 bucks more, you suck woot

May not be much of a deal. The newly revised 2012 model goes for $79.99 new at Best Buy:


Just wish there was some of the Naga Hex models that were available. Still, nice to see Razer stuff up here on Woot!

where the hell are my Razer In-ear headphones. The Razer m100 Pro|Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone.

You should look a little closer. That is the “Razer Naga”, which also goes for $79.99 on Razer’s own website: http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-naga

However this is the “Razer Naga Epic”, which is a different mouse. It goes for $129.99 new: http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-naga-epic

One of the key differences is the wired/wireless duality of the epic, a feature that the base Naga does not enjoy.

I’ve had nothing but bad luck with the Razor devices I own. I got them on Woot about a year ago and they constantly refuse to work with my dock and they are incredibly cheap in terms of the build quality. The mouse wheel is crap and the keyboard quality is very low. I’d avoid these guys because they pride themselves on looking cool for gamers while not having the same quality one would expect.

That’s unfortunate. I bought a Salmosa about…four years ago, and despite the finish being marred to hell by countless cheezy fingers, and needing once for me to disassemble it and remove a cat hair from the scroll wheel mount, definitely the best pointer I’ve ever used anywhere. I might get a second one just to back this one up if something happens, or put old faithful away for an unhappy day.

I personally only use razer peripherals. Currently I have the razer imperator, which has worked perfectly for me for about a year. Only problem is if you have something like an Xbox 360 on the same desk, or something that causes vibrations the mouse will pick it up. So while its turned on your mouse will drag across the screen. This is due to how sensitive the mouse is (according to razer).

I know many people say they never have good luck with razer, but i guess i’m the opposite. I’ve never had any mice/keyboard (i’ve had all together about 3 razer keyboards and 2 mice) die on me. I upgrade them about once every year or so.However they are sensitive, so if you nerd rage and slam your keyboard that might account for it not working. I only ever buy them new though, so caveat emptor

Also http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-audio/razer-moray

I’ve had the opposite luck of you. I’ve had issues with every Razer peripheral I’ve had (purchased new, directly from their website). I purchased a Razer Diamondback back in the day, and both times, the wire developed loose connections and I needed to have it replaced. After it failed the second time, I tried the DeathAdder. That one failed a firmware update within a week of purchase, and bricked. Lastly, I purchased a Razer Lycosa Mirror, which had its first key break (the little clips on the key that hold it onto the keyboard broke off) about 5 months after purchase.

I really wanted to like Razer, but their lack of quality has led me to seek other manufacturers. Mind you, I’m a heavy computer user (around 12 hours minimum per day for work alone).

Been a Logitech Fanboy all my life but was looking for a mechanical keyboard. Picked up the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and have had it for about 3 months. Great keyboard for everyday use. I wasn’t able to get the drivers working for it though. I haven’t used any other Razer product, but everywhere I see there mice have a wide variety of reviews saying its either worked perfectly or its broken. It seems that there consistent quality needs some work.

I’ve seen a fair share of horror stories on Woot from people who have bought refurbished equipment from Razer. In my opinion, spend the extra money and get a brand new peripheral, its worth the extra cost.

Bought my husband the same headset (a woot refurb) just over 2 years ago and it’s been an excellent choice. He LOVES it.

In fact it works so well he often cannot hear when I try to get his attention and I have to resort to ludicrous-looking handwaving and such antics to get him to know I am trying to talk to him. When he has volume up to max, I can hear it while sitting at my desk next to his, but not anywhere else in the room, and it’s much quieter than his last headset.

Especially nice are the volume fine-tuner on the cord, and the durable cloth-wrapped cord (I like that it has never gotten any kinks, never bent, no cracks, run over with a chair daily, things like that). VERY cushy and soft earpieces.

The size adjustments only go so small though, so if you have a small head, this may not quite fit. I find the tops of the earpieces push on the tops of my ears.

Anyone know about the bag? Would it work as a stealthy Daddy-diaper-bag?

I just bought the SC2 bag, i have the original razer messenger bag and its pretty good. For $15 you can’t really go wrong

Heck yeah! I love it when Woot sells these products. Sure, they’re designed for gamers and quite flashy, but they are also built solidly and I haven’t had a single one break down. My dog has chewed a few of the cords though, so if you have a pup, make sure to buy more than one.


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I got the Razer Tron mouse about 6 months ago from here on Woot, and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s very sensitive, it fits my small hands well (a problem with many gaming mice for me), and it’s been great for everyday use and gaming. I can’t really say much about other Razer products, but if they’re anything like what I’ve experienced, then they’re a pretty decent product.

They have a Mamba in the picture but it’s not for sale :frowning: I love my Mamba and I want to buy one for work lol