Razer TRON Gaming Mouse

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Razer TRON Gaming Mouse
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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THis just reminds me of how I missed the Tron mouse and mouse pad combo for $45, almost exactly 24 hours ago

I have 2 of these, great mouse.

I just love how these can sell out before they appear on my radar. It is wonderful to live in the Sunshine state.

Faster, Woot! Faster! Mwhahahaha

Did someone say dizzy…

Woot employees

“Hey we have like a billion of these Tron mice!”

Other employee

“I KNOW!!! Hey lets mess around and split them up into 9000 different WOOT OFF’S!”


Just buy this and the fathead next time it pops up… use it as a huge mousepad.

This was up earlier with the mouse pad. Everyone who buys this will undoubtedly be happy about the great mouse but immediately disappointed you don’t get to play with the cool mouse pad trails. Regardless, it retails for like $90 so it’s a good buy for a good mouse.

By the way it’s a smaller mouse designed for “claw” grips and at 5600 dpi you have to be some kind of magician to be accurate with the cursor.

Still bummed I missed out on the mouse + pad bundle last night but at least I can order another of these mice. I love the one I bought a couple weeks ago here and have been hoping to get another one for my other computer.

How about those Razer headphones?

They had this bundled with the Tron mouse pad for only $10 more last night about this time. That was a great deal. This mouse alone has appeared several times before for this price.

Bought one the last time it was on Woot. Awesome mouse. Replaced a Logitech G5 with it, actually.

Cant believe how razer likes to market it by saying it has light and sound effects… i own one and the effects are only while turning on and off the computer… its like we’re 6 year olds :S

My poor android can’t keep up.

its just a bonus, you get razer mice for their quality and capability. Best mice on the market.

Move along, little mouse. I need my bowl of carp!!

Bought this mouse when it was first up on woot. It’s kind of small so it gets some getting used to and I accidentally hit the side buttons sometimes but it’s only been 2 weeks. LOVE!!! the built in hardware and the capability to customize EVERYTHING about this mouse. You can adjust DPI, Polling rate, acceleration, add macros, turn on/off all the lights, and set any mouse key to do anything you want. Great mouse, especially for this price.