Razer TRON Gaming Mouse

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Razer TRON Gaming Mouse
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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50$ elsewhere. aight deal i guess.

Amazon: $55.23 w/ free shipping


Way overpriced…

I liked the “ENDOFLIGHTCYCLE” deal with the pad much better :slight_smile:

Sick! in for 3

I got this mouse during its last Woot appearance. It’s not particularly ergonomic, but it’s worth it for the start-up sound alone.

I’ve got one, got it in the last woot off :slight_smile:

Pretty decent mouse. Feels a little cheap, but plays great.

Who cares about this? I hope there’s about 7 to sell and not 1500.

I had one of these, but then my computer crashed, and it derezzed.

How many did they make of these things

The blue lights will definitely help with the pwning of noobs. Too bad I don’t need it. It looks cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

$37.49 on Amazon

17 buttons or GTFO.

My snake doesn’t like blue, or loud sounds.

Throw in Olivia Wilde and I’m in for 3


order denied, order denied. I couldn’t care less after wasting several hours on woot today and trying to order twice. I’d rather pay more somewhere else where there is no hassle and no risk of getting faulty stuff like I get about 30% of the time. Blah

Oh, a TRON mouse! I hope this is compatible with my Commodore 64…