Razer TRON Gaming Mouse

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Razer TRON Gaming Mouse
$25.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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come on woot put up some new stuff :c

Please put up a tablet of some sort PLEASE!

Stopped using wired mice a while back. Common woot.

i was looking @ razer mice yesterday. average price for this is $40 and up. but reviews say its uncomfortable in the hand.

I would hit this if I didn’t already have the Razer Mamba. Bring out the Mamba 2, and I’m in.

It looks cool but I have no need

Got this on woot before. Not the most ergonomic mouse, sharp corners and kinda flat. Also, the start up sound is kinda annoying and I haven’t found a way to disable it. But it feels solid and small enough that I just keep it in a bag with my laptop.

Glad to see this again, my mouse just died and I missed it last time.

I’m new to Woot.com, but aren’t Woot-offs to clear old stock?

So this mouse makes revving noises when I roll it around? Presumably that’s to encourage multiple purchases – I’ll need a new mouse after throwing this one on the floor and stomping on it repeatedly for not shutting the &*^! up.

Got one a wile back, and it’s very nice. I said it before though: almost worth it for the packaging alone. Seriously, they put a LOT of work into the thing.

Is it true this thing only moves at 90 degree angles but really, really fast?

They must have ordered a million of these. They’re in every woot off and some times a full day woot. I’m in for a Mamba :wink:

Only way ur buying one, is if u live in ur parents basement still and play WOW… Can we get a prostitute in a can or something:))

Lol then they have tons of these mouses because they are up like every other weekend.

I like the Naga. It fits into my hand nicely. However I could see why this one would not be as comfortable.

Why would you make something like this without the option to shut off the noises?

#1 Did anyone actually see the new Tron movie?
#2 Did anyone actually like it?
#3 Does anyone still buy wired mouses? (And even if they do, isn’t it a movie in the future? Pretty sure they’re using wireless)