Razer TRON Mouse & Mat Bundle NASA

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Razer TRON Mouse & Mat Bundle NASA
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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WOW thats a deal,

I wish i wasn’t so happy already with my deathadder

Meh… bedtime. zzzzz

What he said

This is a deal?

Man, I really wanted a monkey. It really peeves me off they are putting them in the beginning with low numbers. What happened to getting these things in quantities of 25K?

You’ll be MASTER CONTROL if you buy this set!

45 bucks for a set of items that must have cost $230… and new?! This is a huge deal.

I dunno, I’ve heard these are really uncomfortable.

The mouse was on woot! just a few days ago for $29 and was highly praised by reviews everywhere. With the mousepad (although the mousepad is poorly reviewed), this is a great deal.

At Amazon.

Mouse only at Amazon.

idgi. D: It’s ugly as sin!

This is definitely a deal.

$80 for this on newegg. but even then, it is alot for a mouse. I don’t care if it is a Razer. Besides, who doesn’t have a gaming mouse now anyway.


Seems like a steal, someone buy 3 already

These are leftover monkeys. I’m sure there will be new ones later this woot off.

They only cost 130 new… but I mean… it’s still ridiculous. I just want the mouse pad though because I got it when it was solo mouse on sellout.

so…i can control the internets with this thing? :smiley:

That is the problem with this. Who cares what it looks like? You don’t look at your mouse. you look at the screen (well unless you are really bad at pushing its buttons). so why pay for something that will be covered with your hand? just get one that fits well and go. overpriced for the tron design imo.

I just use the force to move the arrow on my screen. When you are killing the pigs who stole your eggs, every pixel counts.

I bought the last one! (sorry lol) XD