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Welcome to the Razor Electric Scream Machine topic for Monday December 10, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Razor Electric Scream Machine here.


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Wild wacky action bike, the bike that’s hard to ride!

Watch ‘Super Size Me’ and you’ll know that the spoiled children of today do not need an electric bike. They need some exercise and a good *ss kicking. Heck, I’m only a college student and I sound like an old man! (no offense to the older generation browsing this forum). I’m a big advocate for exercise and lifetime sports (CYCLING!!! ROAD OR MOUNTAIN). This is coming from a Libertarian Electrical Engineer. This kind of ranting was originally reserved for left wing flaming hippys, you know it’s bad when I get an opinion!

Cycling is a great sport because it’s something you can do all your life, similar to running (only not so hard on your knees). Besides, once you get into it enough you’ll have a whole wordrobe of lycra (spandex) and the chicks will be all over you! Trust me :wink:

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Razor Electric Scream Machine
Like the Big Wheel you had as a kid…but motorized!
$79.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Now you can have all the features of the award winning Scream Machine, with a super quiet motor added to increase the fun. The rugged, long-lasting all-steel frame and fork, along with the super skid and slide rear wheels, make for a thrilling ride every time. The powerful yet quiet electric motor enables the Scream Machine to travel up to 12 mph while the free-wheeling feature allows you to pedal as well. Charge the included 12V battery for eight hours and you’ll have a charge that provides up to 30 minutes of continuous use.

Features: Condition: New, retail packaging

2003 SGMA Sporting Goods Product of the Year finalist

Hi-tensile, TIG-welded steel frame and fork

Airfoil-shape rear axle with standing room

Dragster-style, super-impact blow-molded rear wheels

Handbrake that adjusts for different hand sizes

Aluminum alloy handbrake with 2-finger lever

Hi-traction front tire, free-wheel, and 3-piece aluminum alloy crank for gaining speed easy with or without motor

Quiet electric motor that zips along at up to 12 miles per hour

Long-life rechargeable battery

Resin pedals with 1/2-inch shaft

Hi-impact, injection-molded front wheel with BW tread design pneumatic tire

Three easily adjustable seating positions to fit ages 5 to 13

BMX-style handlebar made of TIG-welded, hi-tensile steel

Motor will not engage until rider has pedaled off to 3 mph

Parental speed control - 6 mph and 12 mph

Krayton rubber grips

Holds riders up to 120 pounds

Ship weight: 39 lbs

Safety Information Read and understand the owner’s manual before riding

Safety equipment, such as a helmet and elbow and knee pads are recommended

Do not ride on public roads or near traffic. Riders are encouraged to check local laws.

Razor nor woot.com are not responsible for for the health risks associated with ‘Rapid Youth Weight Gain’ by not having to peddle this device


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