Razor Phase Two Scooter

Razor Phase Two Scooter

And the woot off comes to a screeching halt, like a 50 year old guy trying to ride a pro scooter.

Or Simon Cowell riding an electric bicycle?

>'Kat, slinking back to the naughty bench


140 bucks and its not even electric/powered?..

Take your like and be ashamed of yourself

So who else is only here for the cooler totes?


I am SO ashamed my myself. I am SUCH a bad 'Kat!

( :smile_cat: )


i cant tell if that is intentionally dirty or i am projecting

Can anyone tell me why this scooter cost so much and what kind of people would actually pay that much

You’re projecting. I was actually being a true 'Kat and being sarcastic. 'Cause of course I really am not ashamed of myself at all. Although I will acknowledge that I am indeed a bad 'Kat, same as all good cats.


Nobody can fulfill this request.

Covid 19
Grandparent’s who don’t know any better.