Razor Pro Model Scooter - Clear



Get it by Christmas with standard shipping? Well, I would hope so. Ha!


Hahaha, I love the “Get it by X-Mas with standard shipping” tag that’s leftover on the main page. I would hope so!!!

Edit: pukiswife beat me to it!


I dunno guys, I am worried about how close to Christmas we are. You think we are safe?


We strive to improve shipping. By Christmas 2013 is a challenge.


You guys with the Christmas shipping jokes are hilarious! Please stop or I’ll bust a stitch. Seriously, there could be entrails everywhere.


Got this last time it was offered, a few weeks back… 7-year-old loves it, but it’s sturdy enough for an adult. Good so far, worth the $30 if anyone is on the fence.


Well, I’m done with the shipping jokes, but is the sale going to be finished by Christmas? Looks like we’re gonna be here awhile…


Apparently only one person wants a scooter, tonight.


Buyer beware! They changed out the Christmas shipping image. It may not make it in time now…


Well now I’m definitely not getting one. I definitely wasn’t getting one before, but, you know, also now…