Razor Pro Model Scooter

Very good reviews over at toysrus.com


so the pro model supports up to 220lbs but this pic does not look like the pro model. the pro model i’ve seen has the base welded straight to the handlebar stay and doesn’t fold. Also, the grips are low profile rubber not molded foam. just sayin.

[MOD: The pictures are correct for the model we are selling. Thanks!]


Same scooter at Amazon…

And at Toys R Us…

Come watch this scooter in action.

All the others I read about say they have a rear wheel brake and this description does not mention it. Does it have one???

Yeah, you step on the rear fender and that’s the brake.

My son and I each got one of these last time. They’re ok. The joints rattle more than our older ones. The good news is that the foot area is larger than the ones at places like Target & Wal-Mart, which is good because those other ones won’t fit my size 13 shoe. This one has room to spare.

I guess there are pro scooter riders - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6jEzM-I6FA

Yea right, This is in Sport Woot! It should be in Kids Woot. Absolutely useless to an adult.

Actually, I’m pretty sure this is the only Razor model that is tall enough for an adult to use without hunching over. I use this scooter at work every day (I work at a large game developer) and it performs well on unfinished concrete floors and is comfortable for me to ride (I’m 5’,11")

Pfffft. We’ve heard from quite a few adults that use this scooter (and others) for commuting.

Word. I’ve used a kid’s model, and these things are crazy-fun. Now I want one for ME. I was wondering if anyone knows a difference between this model and the Razor Ultra Pro, which has found it’s way to woot! several times. Anybody?

My kids started with a set of the A2 scooters a few years back and took to riding them around our house in loops. Pretty soon when their friends came over they wanted to scoot too, so we picked up the Malibu Razors that were on Woot last year. Gotta say I prefer the Malibu b/c of the larger wheels and platform. But we need a set for their grandparent’s house…so pulling the trigger on 2 more. I have been happy with all 4 of the Razors we have had…and my kids are pretty harsh with them.

This model claims to be 25.5" tall.

Can anyone confirm that a full sized adult is actually standing straight up while gripping handlebars at 25.5"? I’m a little confused by the comments as to which model people are talking about, and am a little worried there are look-alikes with slightly different sized.

I’m a 5’5" woman and i have to bend down to touch something at 25.5 inches, not to mention to grip it.

Thanks, Wooters!

Ah, scooters! A lot like walking, but without all that … dignity.