Razor RipStik

If I wasn’t way too old to know better, I’d be all over this. Learned to ride them a few years back and they’re a lot of fun, but think I’ll save the fun for young whippersnappers who still know how to hit the pavement gracefully.

If you’re over 30, make sure you can cover not only the Ripstik plus shipping, but also the upcoming ER visit that comes free with this contraption :slight_smile:


Here is a How-To-Ride video from GameseekTV The intro is insanely long so just fastforward to about 60 or 90 seconds.

I’ve seen people riding these things through the halls of dorms and down sidewalks before. I’ve even tried one myself.

It’s about what you’d expect. It takes some getting used to, but if you take the time to learn to balance on the two wheels, it’s a mildly interesting novelty.

What! No golf clubs? This place stinks…

I think you’re on the wrong site. :tongue:

I rode one of these before, it was fun for like 5 minutes then got bored of it. I prefer a longboard, it is way more stable, faster and more comfortable

ah, I’ve been in the market for a longboard so thanks for the comparison.

I’m against these on principle. It’s inherently limited. There is no progression. There is ride down a sidewalk and back and then throw it in your closet when you get bored. Just buy the kid an okay skateboard instead.

Also, it’s just not the coolest looking way to propel yourself.

I suck at skateboarding. Got one a few years back and i still ride it around. The only bad part is that the bearings in the wheels and the wheel mounts get dirty after a while.

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I was getting ready for bed when a random forgotten memory popped into my head. I was shopping at target and a guy slowly rode past us on one of these things. My friend turns to me and asks “I wonder how he got that” the guy looked back at us a little confused and said “I don’t know!”

Apparently these are so easy you can be riding one and have no idea how you got on it, or how you’re balancing on it. I don’t know why I’m sharing this. I’m tired. Night.

I’m 40, and I bought my ripstik last year. I’ve never had a skateboard or anything similar. And I rarely fall. The ripstik is way easier and usable than a skateboard, or at least it seems that way to me.

My main reason to get one was to get a little exercise but I now spend a lot more time with my kids too.

That simple comment cracked me up.

I would love to see where these retail for 129 bucks that they are claiming. I usually see these in WM and Target for 40-50 depending on the season.

Yes. I got one just after they came out for about $70, and that was 4 years ago. $129 is stretching the truth more than a bit.

This would be perfect for my upcoming mid-life crisis!

Our first encounter with a RipStik was a couple of years ago for Christmas. We couldn’t tell if the RipStik or ShredSled (has 4 wheels and is more flexible in the middle http://www.amazon.com/Shred-Sled-Wheel-Caster-Board/dp/B002JTEVJG) would be more enjoyable for our 8 year old so we ordered both. Once you’re able to find your balance and get going on the RipStik, they can actually be a lot of fun. You certainly don’t feel cool at first but once you’re able to get some speed carving the pavement (as you would on a longboard) you can glide sideways, do some spin moves, and eventually try a few of the RipStik tricks like standing with both feet on one board or attempting manuals (wheelies) on a single wheel. We actually had a blast playing with the RipStik. The ShredSled that we ordered ended up being slightly larger/bulkier so I use it when the kid wants to RipStik around. On the ShredSled, the flexible connecting piece in the middle allows you to make very sharp turns. I know this doesn’t sound that cool but with those sharp turns, I’m able to replicate figure skating moves! We’ve busted them out a few times with just adult company and had more fun than the kids do. While the RipStik won’t be hung up with the skateboards and longboards we use and collect, it’s certainly not leaving our possession. We were cool enough to give them a shot and I’m glad we did–waaay worth $30!

Oh, it’s also a great way to get comfortable rolling on the pavement before using a skateboard. You have much more control and are way less likely to be injured on a RipStik.

Yup! They are currently $50 - $80 depending on the style. And they frequently go on sale. $129 is a bit of a tall tale. Still, this is a good deal at $35

My kids LOVE the Razor RipStik. They ride them more than they ride their bikes.

They are also very durable as my wife ran over one with our car and it still works fine.

Great price too!