Razor RipStik

Now I can go break my neck AND look stylish at the same time!

Well doesn’t this look familiar

At least you can relive some funny moments (like when wangowezz lost his man card) along with some decent discussion on this thing.

How to ride ripstik for beginners - or “How the heck does this thing work”

In for three!

No, I kid. In for one. I figure these make for a great leg work out.

Train all those balancing muscles real good like.

beef cake, BEEF CAKE!!!

I have one. It makes me fall.


Going to need some knee and kelbow pads now…


Bought one for my 9 Y.O. at the last woot. He learned to ride it in pretty good in about a day. He loves it!

Super fun to learn and play with. The way you have to make it move is a lot different from other wheel toy thingies.

The downside is anything that isn’t smoothed over an OCD road worker can make this board feel like dancing in middle school. Now if one doesn’t care that they look retarded…

Where are the hover boards? Doc Brown promised them!

You’ll probably spend more time patching up the holes in your knees and palms than riding this thing… I may or may not know from experience << >>

As I pointed out last time, it’s been years since these were $129, and even that price was very short lived.

Woot, going downhill for sure.

You’re right about the price. I did a quick search on Google and the prices range from $40 to $80 - nowhere near the $129.

Woot going downhill though, I sure hope not.

First of all: Be safe and smart when using these, everybody. I’ve injured myself twice doing obviously stupid things on a RipStik. Avoid steep hills, avoid uneven sidewalks. Seems easy enough, right?

I’m 25 and bought a RipStick at Goodwill about a year ago ($3! Beat that, Woot) I was determined to learn how to ride it and spent a few hours in the parking lot falling over in creative ways. Which reminds me:

Watch the instructional video. After hours of practice, I had some weird, totally wrong way of skating on the RipStik. After watching the video, I taught others how to ride within their first few attempts.

The RipStik is fun to learn and mess around on but probably won’t be your new mode of transportation. It takes considerable movement to maintain a relatively slow pace. It’s a lot of fun to take turns on with your friends when you’re all hanging out, though. You’ll feel pretty cool when you’re doing curves and circles and figure-8s around your friends.

“Will my kid enjoy it?”: I’m obviously much older than the target demographic, but I still had some fun with it. If your kid can safely maintain speed on a skateboard, he can probably manage on a RipStik as well.

Oh god, the palms! I guess Woot isn’t the place to post pics of said war wounds, but… yeah. If you spend enough time going +5mph you will eventually fall violently and bust your wrists.

I had one a few years ago until my rather large neighboor tried to ride it. Note: it is not for heavy people. Its is made from plastic and will crack. That said, I am a rather normal height and learned to ride it without any videos. Used an open garage to hold on to until I figured it out. lol.

I got one of these a couple of years ago when I was 33 and didn’t have a problem learning to ride it. Took about an hour to figure out what to do and another 3-5 probably to get comfortable riding. I don’t do any curbs or anything, just flat ground. I fell one time when I went down a hill and picked up too much speed. Just be smart. They are fun when you get used to riding. It is a very unnatural motion though. I am 5’ 8" and 185 lbs btw.

I got one of these from the last woot. I go ripping around with my 8 year old daughter. It’s all fun n games until you hit a crack in the concrete. No big thing though. Really easy to learn. I’ll be doing manuals in no time… probably not.

I had several of these back in my college days and they were a lot of fun.

A few caveats to consider.

  • If you ride this on wet ground it will slip out from under you and you will fall and get scraped up and wet.

  • If you use this every day to go to class you will have to buy new wheels after a couple months, they don’t last forever

  • If you are a little bit tubby and you try and do jumps with it you will break it. Fortunately Razor will send you a brand new one free of charge (least they did for me, spare wheels!)

  • If you ride it places where skateboards are banned, policemen will get mad at you. They don’t listen when you tell them it is more like a bicycle than a skateboard

  • You really need some pretty good concrete or pavement to have fun riding, small rocks or broken pavement will really make it difficult to ride. Fortunately 93% of falls you can stay on your feet and just jump off the board.

  • With some practice you can actually wheelie up and down curbs, which is nice for getting around. Even if you get good at that, you probably should avoid trying the same thing with stairs.

I should have bought more than one.