Razor RipStik

**Item: **Razor RipStik
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New

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Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at toysrus.com

These things are awesome! Use mine all the time.

$10 cheaper at walmart online, plus free shipping to store. Must resist… Help me woot!

A local outlet store has had these and may still have them for like $35 or $40. I thought THAT was still a lot to pay for one, considering it was a discount outlet (where I once bought a new $200 Zoom Btu 2.1 Bass effects pedal for $25 (ok, they were moving to a new location and everything in the store was 75% off… Also got a Saga guitar kit for $17.50, a Bulova women’s watch for $10, several Mio heart rate monitor watches for $2.50 a piece…ahhh, how I love talking about the great deals I’ve gotten. So much fun. Aero Garden Elite 6 for $30…ahhhh yeahhh!) Anyway, these ARE fun and if you know how to tic-tac on a skateboard, you can literally get ride on these and start riding.

I think this thing goes so fast it can be used as a getaway vehicle. I say this because I saw a teen on one of these things in the alley behind my house and the following day my kids’ bikes were missing . . .

So, yeah, it probably rips pretty fast.

Of course, maybe they just rode the bike and carried this thing, but I like the other visual so much more.

Ps: we recovered the bike.

That is the 27.5" model. This one is 33.5" Wal-Mart has this model for $59.54 Your getting 21.8% more board for $10.

All the neighbor kids love these things. BUT this looks like an XL / large one. Kids need the snaller versions. I made this mistake when I bought one for my 2nd grader. They are COOL toys though. Even I can ride it!

Or, if blue is your favorite color, it’s $2.50 cheaper at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/RipStik-15055040-Caster-Board-Blue/dp/B000J2HYN0

Methinks if you follow the advice of the write-up, you’ll likely give new meaning to the product’s name. RipStik, indeed.

Actually, Walmart does have this same 34" model cheaper (at least in the blue color), and so does Amazon. No deal here.

Looks fun, but I know I won’t be able to do what they show. If I try, I’ll end up needing new implants on all of my front teeth.


These things are AWESOME. I used to ride one to class in college. It is nice cause it is super easy to carry. Also, the company is amazing. I broke mine after two weeks of use (it was a different model, they have made it harder to break since then) doing tricks and stuff and contacted the company. All I had to do was send them a picture of the broken board and they mailed me a brand new one free of charge, didn’t even care about having a receipt or anything.

Don’t ride in the rain, you think you are fine but it will totally slide out from under you right when you least expect it.

It takes a little bit to get used to the balance, but once you do you’ll like it. Also, the wheels wear out fairly quickly with lots of riding.

Got one of these a while back for about 20ish

All I can say is it’s very gimmicky and you need nice paved surfaces to get any speed going
It’ll go on asphalt, sure, but it won’t go very fast