Razor Scooters: Not Yet Ironic

Who’s ready to scoot around town? Is it you?

I’m having a hard time understanding the dimensions of the scooters…

I bought a Malibu Cruiser from woot! a month ago. The length of grip tape space for your feet is only about 12 inches, so it only fits one foot solidly.

That being said, I use this thing around campus everyday. Sure, it’s a bit cheaply built (it’s a kid’s toy, what do you expect?), but it’s sure as hell convenient on sidewalks and such (not to mention way better performing than the traditional razor).

Also, I’m 185 lbs, despite what the 144-lb. weight limit says, and it still works great.

For the discounted price, I would get it.

Anyone know how these work on dirt?

I think it is funny that the guy they show in the pic is obviously in the 200+ range. The biggest problem with Razor scooters is that when you get over the max weight the mechanisim that allows them to fold can and will fail causing said fatty to fall and injure something due to the excessive mass of their personage.

I’m worried about Mr. Chunky too.

ive always wanted to pick up one of these scooters and throw on some rocknrons. by far the fastest smoothest bearings ive ever ridden. i just dont know if i could get over the idea of riding a scooter.

Please, please, please wear a helmet with these scooters & some wrist guards (or really, just pass & find another activity)! If it has wheels, you need a helmet.

We used to have one but it went in the trash. My daughter had a nasty spill where she ended up with a compound fracture of her lower arm (that’s where both bones are broken & exposed, you get to call 911, have surgery, a few months in a cast from fingers to shoulder & your child ends up in therapy for a few years with PTSD). She also hit her head in the fall but was wearing a helmet so her head wasn’t injured even though her arm was mangled.