Razor Scooters Still Exist



Which one would you/are you planning to buy?


Exctinct? Scotter? Our team has discovered :slight_smile:

I definitely enjoyed mine back in the day, although it seems that the technology has remained the same, aka bumpy rides for everyone! Hopefully they will still be around when I have kids, I might buy some then.


Oh my! With the number of times we stubbed our toes riding barefoot, and scraped our ankles…the bumpy ride was hardly noticed.


Tough decision on which scooter to get for my 7 year old daughter…

I’m leaning toward the Black Label Raven thinking it would be better for neighborhood cruising over sidewalk joints.

Any thoughts?


Is this a good present for a 13 year old boy. And which one??


I’d agree with you there. Those sidewalk expansion gaps can be tricky with the smaller wheels. A couple neighbor kids had scooters with bigger wheels and I really liked them.

Don’t forget a helmet and make sure she wears it correctly over her forehead. I hate seeing kids wearing helmets tipped back on their heads.


probably a different model but my toys r us had about 60 razor scoots for about 20 bucks + tax, might wanna check those out too


I believe the Razor A for $20 is what my daughter has now…it is rated for 6 to 10, but realistically 4 to 8. It is also only rated for 143 pounds. Decent first 2 wheeled scooter.

As a comparison, the Ultra Pro is rated for 220lbs.


Razor Spark DLX video

Ultra Pro video

Black Label Raven


Don’t ever ride a scooter barefoot, or you will melt the skin off your feet when you decide to try to use the brake. I had such a nasty blister ;_; The friction from the brake will melt your shoes if you try to ride the brake on a downward slope!

Also I’d go for the higher end models and the ones that don’t fold up–they withstand a lot more weather and horse play…that and if you ride them regularly enough over rough blacktop (like me…how else would I traverse the mile to my job? … on foot? in a car? pfft), the parts will work loose and that baby will rattle louder than 20 rattlesnakes in a knot…and some of those pieces I haven’t really found a way to re-tighten on my razor pro… :\


Well, I finally ordered the Black Label Raven…should be a nice Christmas present.


Will this item ship in time for Christmas?


If I ordered one today would it be received by Christmas?


it is possible, but not a certainty.

often with Plus deals, we don’t process & ship items until after the sale ends. this sale ends on December 21st.
no matter what, you’d want to upgrade to expedited shipping, no question.