Razor Spark DLX Scooter - Choose Color

Sparks and lights for anyone? Would love to hear from some people that purchased it earlier from us. Video would be even cooler!

$10 price drop…sweet!

$10 refund would be even cooler!

I didn’t see any shipping options for this. If we order the scooter, will it arrive in time for Christmas?

All Ghost references aside, ditto.

Saying this feels especially greedy in that I was perfectly fine with the 50% discount yesterday.

If you click Buy One, you’ll see the shipping options on the order detail page.

Due to shipping holidays, only 1-day shipping will arrive by Christmas. (Not available to all areas. May not be available later in the day due to shipping deadlines.)

50% discount?

Razor Spark DLX Scooter with Light-Up Wheels - Prices Compared

Today’s Woot = $29.99 + $5 Shipping
Woot price $35.00 Under next lowest (Das Cheap) Price Found

Das Cheap = $69.99 + Ships Free

After School = $74.99 + Ships Free

CARiD = $70.99 + $10.87 Shipping

*Limited availablility on product and/or colors at all three suppliers listed above

All prices and suppliers above found by a random Google search. Your own random search may find other vendors and/or lower prices

I bought one for my 17 year old. The high school seniors will be able to ride scooters around the school for one of their “senior days.” She was thoroughly excited. I have to say, between the light up wheels and the sparks that fly when you put on the brake, scooters don’t get better than this. She did determine that because of the sparks, she probably won’t be able to use it in the school. I purchased it at $39.99, so at $29.00, this is a fantastic purchase. If I had more kids to buy for, I would get three more.

I bought a couple a while ago to supplement what we already had. Now whole family has them and we career around the city in a dignified and safe manner. Its also mostly faster than the bus…now if only the tourists didn’t stop without warning to take pix life would be sweet. Learn to walk people…learn to walk!

You can get it shipped through VMInnovations on Amazon for 57.90

@ bucko158
Link, Please

The only link I was able to find on Amazon for VMInnovations had the lesser model spark and not the DLX spark model being sold by woot today. The listed price on that one is, $66.99 (ships free). Here is the link to that Amazon offer from VMInnovations for the lesser model, for verification.
Not “apples to apples”


*above amazon link and price verified at 10:22 AM EDT

One day shipping was not an option. 2 day arriving 12/26 was.

This is a video of the Razor Spark at Amazon(not the DLX) but still a good idea of the product’s use for those asking for video!!


If the video doesn’t load for you, here is a link to the page where you can scroll down and click on the video: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001NEK2IW/

Hope this helps!! … and yeah, I bought 3 last round – I could use a $30.00 refund :wink:

Dear Wooters,

Yesterday I ordered the BenQ short-throw projector on tech.woot for my mom’s non-profit in SoCal, paying the 2-day rate so it would arrive there in time for my visit so I could help her set it up for an early January presentation.
The one-click order process set the shipping address to my own home address, so right away I sent support an email to please correct the shipping address:

I got the following response 10 hours later:

Re: Woot Order #42946715 - please change shipping address - Your Case # CAS-110555-X8T0J6 CRM:0010291

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.
In an effort to streamline our shipping process, orders are now processed to ship much faster. As a result, unfortunately, we are unable to alter or cancel your order. Please understand this does not necessarily mean your order has shipped but rather that it has reached the point in processing where it is unable to be cancelled.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

So woot has wasted my 2-day shipping dollars and “streamlined” me out of a chance to deliver something important to someone I love in time for her to make use of it for charitable purposes.

I have followed up twice since receiving the above reply and received only auto-responses.

I’ve enjoyed being a customer of woot’s various online overstocks over the years, I even bought a razor scooter here recently.

But the projector was my last purchase. The service has become so poor that woot’s low prices are now a false economy.
I will look for deals elsewhere and no longer do business with woot.

Happy Holidays and Caveat Emptor!

Conflicted thoughts reading that. I understand that getting automated responses doesn’t help (I can’t imagine woot’s getting better with so many different things to ship now), and I can understand why you would hope you could change the address to the other address soon after the error.

On the other hand, this is woot, and they operate with a minimal customer support service it seems quantity wise, and that hasn’t changed over the years. If woot’s trying this hard to get the products out in time for the holidays, they have to speed the whole process up to deliver.

I feel for you, but if it were me, I would hope woot could correct the address (and in a normal business day, they probably would have a bit more leeway), but given their extra efforts to deliver the products fast this week and the request to get it out quickly, I would never expect them to correct my error this week either. This is woot, after all, nothing different in my mind (and I’m using a different username from before, so yes, I’ve bought multiple products here for several years).

Woot screws up PLENTY of things/times, but I’d side with them more on this one. Hope they can do something to help regardless.

Points taken.

Well, the projector arrived today 4 days ahead of the estimated arrival and in time for me to take along to SoCal (thanks woot!). So this story has a happy ending. In the end, whether or not I woot again will depend on whether
I think I’ll ever need any sort of service after I pull the purchase trigger. Live and learn.

Happy shopping, holidays, and new year to all!

still waiting on the scooter to be shipped. no updates at all??