Razor Ultra Pro Kick Scooter

Oh man that last picture… so XTREME!

When these first came out years ago, my nephew was one of those kids who absolutely could not live without one. He was so excited when one showed up on Christmas. He took it to school with him to show it off and one of his friends said, “Only girls ride those.” Haven’t seen it since. I think he left it at school.

I love all things woot, but I was just at Target and saw the exact same scooter, pro version, chromoly handlebars etc for $38 and change. To be fair, it was on clearance, but all the same, it was a better deal.

This is the scooter Razor Pro Ricky Wernicke rides. At 6’ 4" he needs a scooter that will perform day after day. This one does not fold, has solid handles, and wall to wall grip tape. You want to ride like a pro, go with this one.

I bought 2 before Christmas from woot. These are perfect for bigger kids age 10 and up. They are very light weight and weigh less than my son’s other razor pro scooter that isn’t as tall. These really can take some hard jumps and falls and stand up well. I just ordered 2 more, not sure how I’ll fit anything else in my garage but …