Razor Ultra Pro Lo Kick Scooter

You can find these scooters in thrift stores for like 5 bucks.

Time for sleep.woot. Apparently, this wootoff has gone full metal flea market. Good night all!
I hope I wake up in time for something useful or at least a BOC.

It’s 5 bucks cheaper over at Amazon… curious, huh?

When i have them, no.
They better not put holes in my apartment walls. Only reason i got away with is was because i covered that shit up and i only lived at that house over the summer.

Okay, that’s not true, i do want my kids to be as ridiculous as me. Thats years off though, no need to go buying this for only future use.

[/ life]
Whoops, laughed too hard.

One of my clients was telling me that his son’s Dad works at woot and mentioned there is a bucket of crab up next.

Is this supposed to be limited to purchases in the quantity of 1 only?

Because 2 and 3 aren’t working for me…

These rust so don’t ride them into your neighbor’s pool.

That probably means there’s only one.

Now I’m so waiting for this to come up on here or kids.woot!


I did that once. Not even joking. Then my neighbor’s dog bit me -_-

Health insurance sure comes in handy if you own one of these things =)

My cousin fractured some bones after taking a rough spill on one of these. Save your money and get a bike? At least you’ll be going fast when you break something…