RC Boats: Radio Captains

Here is a YouTube review of the 23" Fountain, R/C FF Boat.

Not a deal at ALL! I got this for my son at Wal-Mart for 30$. This is 40$ after shipping. Wow woot…you’ve really gone down hill.

Heck it’s 29.99 over on the parent companies site. Woot is past the bottom of the hill and continues to dig down.

Poor reviews as well FWIW

Referring to the New Bright 17" Master Craft

Saw the video and wasn’t impressed. I would get the thing and want to put more power in it. If I got the biggest boat for 25 including shipping, then I would think it was a deal. Now it is just good for a day or two.

Wooters: I’m looking for a R/C boat or submarine for my small in ground pool (when no one is in the pool).

Any recommendations?