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RC Helicopter is one of my dream toy when I was young and I believe it is the same for most of you too. I finally get one about 1 month ago and start this hobby for fun. I am completely new to RC helicopter and do not have any kind of experience before. So I start this topic to share my experience with you if you plan to get one too. >> How to start, what you need to know, how to learn to fly, how to control, useful flying tips and so on. I will try my best to help you get start and fly.

My first helicopter is the one called ESky Lama 2 (picture of the helicopter - if you like to see how it fly, you can watch this flying video). It is similar to one called Blade CX which you can find in the local shop but cheaper. I paid US$ 149 shipped to my house last month.

I will take some pictures and prepare the information you may like to know about how to get start - based on my experience as beginners. I hope it will be useful to help you get start this hobby.

NOTE: As I am new to rc helicopter too. So the information I posted is not professional, but from a view of beginner.


Anyone know how can I post a picture (or some pcitures) here?


Here’s the picture of the helicopter: Click to view the picture


Be carefull, It should be harder to crash than a plane, but still…




Like this:


Click on the pic to see bigger ver.

Many of the p-choppers use ImageShack for their pictures.

Have fun with your choppers!


hey ya I’m just getting into rc planes got me a cool cheap one at a tool shop (Harbor freight tools) Pretty good deal you crash it get a new one free no q’s asked


Thanks for your help. I love this lama helicopter. Still developing my flying skill and will get a more advanced 3D helicopter next month.


I got a discount coupon from this shop now for the RC helicopter, if you like to use the coupon (5% off), you can use this coupon number: SP-5P-COUPONJ6 - this is good for this year


SAD DAY FOR ME. I crahsed my lama 2 to the lake infornt of my home. Total Loss


Sorry to hear that. :frowning:
Doesn’t this mean you get to build a new one? :slight_smile:


i recenlty (as in 2 days ago) bought a RC helicopter. Its a mini training one i bought it just to see if i like it before i make a big investment. its normally $100 but found it for 50 on ebay. havent got it yet but cant wait, it comes tuesday. I hope to buy a RC helicopter making kit and make one of my own… any info would be helpfull…

Here is a pic of the copter/the ebay


I got a blade CX its cool


I like this one…



Click for bigger