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Anybody know if these are any good? I have a small Air Hogs indoor helicopter that I LOVE, and I’m looking for something to fly out in my yard or at the park which will withstand a moderate breeze without going into the trees and wasting my $80.

Speaking of $80, I’m looking specifically at the “World Tech Toys- RC Outdoor Gyro Sparrow Helicopter- 35975”


Not a good brand relatively speaking. You’d be better off getting something lake a Blade 120 SR, although it’s about double the cost. Small helicopters are a challenge in any breeze.


Thanks, I’ll check in on them. What’s the deciding factor? Weight? Quality of workmanship? Or do I just have to consult someone with experience whenever I find a deal?

The breeze thing isn’t a huge problem, it’s just that the little one I have at home actually crashes whenever someone opens a door or the window is cracked, so I don’t want to take something to the park and proudly watch it hover 8ft in the air before being thrown on top of the school by a passing bird.


id recommend finding a decent 4 channel indoor micro copter before investing any cash in one for outdoors. gives you a controlled environment to play in and you can always fly at home, some days it will simply be to windy outside.

then when your comfortable pick up a 4 channel outdoor copter. my 2 cents.


I’ve flown lots of 2 and 3.5 channel copters, both gyro stabilized and not. I also have a 4 channel quadcopter (Syma X1) and although more challenging at first, the quadcopter is much more rewarding to fly in the long run. The Estes quad is smaller which would likely make indoor flying easier.


RCGroups and HeliFreak are good places to look for information. These are not generally considered hobby-grade, but there are sometimes threads on them, as they are still fun to fly.

Note that the same aircraft is often sold under many different names…




100 Class Electric Helicopters

Electric Micro/Mini Helicopters

Multi Rotor Helicopters



I would not buy these. For the same money, look up the Syma 107g or the WL Toys V911. They are the same price but much more resilient and fun.


So on the video camera ones:

>> Camera resolution: 640 x 480 pixels

Yeah, uh, no.


can any of these have extra channels to do something like drop a payload?


Ahhh. NO… see CANNON’s post above. THese are just crap. No replacement parts… Go looking for a Blade mCX2, small indoor coaxial (one set of blades over another set of blades.) It is nearly indestructible, and if you do brak parts, some may even be at your local hobby shop.

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NO NO NO . . . I had one of the exact digi scout (sparrow with a camera) for about 5 minutes in the air. Then it was gone. And I spent more than $80.

Tried it out of the box, it crashed and the cheap plastic balance bar above the rotor blade broke (true outdoor copters have metal balance bars).

Don’t try to get replacement parts for from World Tech Toys, because they don’t exist, neither does their customer service.

I found a balance bar from a different company that I had to jerry rig to get to work with my dremel tool.

On my second attempt at flight, the wind caught the copter and it went over the house.

You’d think that it would shut down when it exceeds the radio range, but no. This one will just keep going.

There is no telling how far the copter went because the battery was full.

World Tech Toys = Epic Fail

Spend your money on a different brand.


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I’ve got a couple of the smaller helicopters that are fun to mess with (aka - chase the cats) but if I’m going to buy another helicopter it’s going to be the real deal.

If you want to see what these can’t do (and why), check this out:
Helicopter coolness



Thanks for nothing…I just lost 30 minutes of my day going from one helicopter video to another on YouTube (it was awesome).


I was seriously thinking about getting the Estes quadcopter but apparently you have to calibrate every time you fly it. Since I’ve never flown any type of copter - this means I’ll prolly end up breaking it before I could even get a good flight in.



Can someone explain what a half a radio channel is?


Just took delivery on the Sparrow, it is a good product for quality and price, but the manual is a joke. The manual refers to figure 3, there is not figure 3, it states to turn the helicopter on, can not locate a switch, there is pair wires with a connector hanging down with no explanation, the remote has a couple switches on it with no explanation in the manual. Try to locate a manual on line with no results.


I bought the unbreakable one and it was badass for 24 hrs. Then the top rotor stripped and wont turn. It was fun while it lasted.(1 day)


Where is the on Switch i can’t find it PLEASE help