RCA 1000 Watt 5.1 Home Theatre System

does anyone know if the speakers are wireless?

The good:

5.1 surround sound system
$95 shipped

The bad:

It’s not a bad deal if you’re a student or you don’t have a system at all. Otherwise, spend a little more and goto Target or something.

It’s not even close to 1000 watts of anything. Look at what I found in the user’s manual:

Technical Specification
Product: Audio Receiver with Dolby Digital
Brand: RCA
Model: RT2770
Electrical Consumption
Power Supply: 120V ~ 60Hz
Power consumption: 90 Watts

90 watts, pre-loss. Yeah, it’s a POS.


My computer has a better sound system than this, what a hunk of junk.

what are the inputs/outputs? can this play any cd’s or anything?

Wal*Mart $150 brand new

The only thing worse than an RCA product is a REFURBISHED RCA product.

This is a great surround sound system for the price. my sister owns a set. Defiantly not for audio files but defiantly for people that wana pay $90 for a good audio system with speakers. Great price and at least it isn’t melted and slightly irregular like the sell out woot

Am I reading this right? 10% distortion!!! SICK!!!

“R.eally C.rappy A.udio”

Not that great…

especially since you can get them for less than $150 brand new at walmart.

I seriously doubt this is of any quality. RCA makes some of the most inferior electronics you can waste your money on.

According to all the reviews I’ve glazed over this is not a good buy. All claim that it’s low on the inputs and many have even died on them. Modern RCA is crap. “Ruferb” RCA is even crappier.

Geez. I want one of these… But my check does not show up til in the morning… L O L, I hope they last that long. Not good for my primary system, but great for my Bedroom… Only 1000 Watts, but who needs more that to sleep with.

Any idea what audio inputs this has?

Hi. Can these be instilled in car? Like for to replase the radeo I have in now? I want thse becase I think sound is most importanse. Any one has these now?

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Inputs/outputs ?

I have this system for myself and I’m not too picky about sound quality and it gets me by. It doesn’t have a built -in DVD or anything, just a big bulky box pretty much. The speakers aren’t wireless btw. It does an optical in on it and a few others, nothing too fancy though.

Not being an electrical engineer, I’d have to say --Zero watts

Does it have optical digital input? I need one for my ps3.