RCA 1000 Watt 5.1 Home Theatre System

Is this wireless or no?

Ok… instead of all of the assholes who want to talk about Ron Paul and politics, does anyone know what inputs this has?

I know its a freakin RCA, and that its quality might be substandard to what people want, but really… come on. Its 79 bucks and by God, its not a bad deal.

My wife wants a surround sound system… I dont really care, but Im not buying some pile of crap from Goodwill (even if it supports a good cause)…

Inputs anyone?

RCA is kinda like Polaroid, THEY BOTH SUCK!

I purchased a cheap RCA theater system and it has the same remote as this one.
The remote in and of itself is a piece of junk and, as luck would have it, many of the popular controls you would need are only on the remote.

My advice, skip this woot and wait for another roomba and who knows, you might get lucky and get a two-fer.

You will get what you pay for with this one. RCA isn’t known for their workmanship quality or their sound quality. This will be more of the same RCA crap you’ll see on the shelves of stores like Goodwill in a few months.

Bought one before but it was a Phillips Refurb. For the price I think this is a good risk to take. I went ahead and wooted another to put in my office. You can assemble a pretty economical home theater system for a bedroom or office using this.

I got this in a woot off and although due to speakers being rca it’s not very loud, I do enjoy it and it does a lot better than my previous midrange all in once system. I like the connection options and eventually I’ll just get better speakers for it because from what i can tell the head unit works fine.


It depends on what products you buy from Polaroid. Their 26" LCD HDTV rocks. Of course, many people get sucked into Vizio (one thumb down) and Olevia (one thumb down) because they are inexpensive. Sort of like PowerSpec, HP/Compaq and Winbook in the computer world.

Just so everyone knows… this thing does not appear to switch video, only audio. So, if you want to hook up your DVD player, Xbox, and Satellite dish to this thing, you can only pipe the audio through the receiver, you still need some way of getting the video signal to your TV.

How can it be called a home theatre system if it doesn’t have any inputs?

Looks like an expensive radio to me.

“I come to woot it wealthily in Carrollton.
If wealthily, then happily in Carrollton!”

…sorry. Just finished a production of Taming of the Shrew, so I couldn’t resist!

Yes, Yes they should…and with decent speakers ya could listen to him louder…but it looks like these dont fit that bill… RON PAUL!@!! MONEY BOMB GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!

Bought One

Boy…sure am glad I read the reviews before wooting! I’m new, and thought I just stumbled on the deal of the century. 1000 Watts!? $80!? Sounded like a winning woot to me. Thanks to all for your candid comments.

So, general question…does woot post value? I mean…real quality at a real discount. Thought I read a comment or two that the answer was “negative”.

No kidding. It’s copypasta guys, get a clue.

RCA isn’t high quality, but it works and it keeps working. Bought a cheap (150 USD) RCA HTIB 5 years ago and it’s working flawlessly. Got an audio only unit like this one hooked up to my computer. Neither is as good as the Pioneer (250 USD marked down from 300) I have hooked up to my television but they do the job and they do it cheaply and reliably.

Well at $85 this reciever alone would be of some use to me. I got some nice speaker already…

I am also new, i thought the same thing you did. Most of the time they post value, but every once in a while this happens.

Decent review here–>

CNet link

Impedance and distortion are much more important than wattage.

See my message above. it has one optical and one coax dig input and 2 analog L/R inputs. It also has a line in on the front and a usb so you can listen to mp3’s through it directly without a player. just plug in a usb thumb drive in. I like mine. like I stated previously It’s not the loudest 1000 watt system i’ve seen but it’s better than what I had and way worth $79 to me. I will get that much out of it at least.