RCA 11ft Flat Gold Plated v1.3b HDMI Cable

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RCA 11ft Flat Gold Plated v1.3b HDMI Cable [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * RCA FA11HH Flat HDMI Cable

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Eww…is that a tape worm? They’re really running out of stuff to sell!

gone in 30 seconds

A cable. An HDMI Cable. ?

i wish i had a friend

Lol why do you want a monkey?

So whats the rumor about boc in wd40, explain in next item if it’s a quick sellout

Two of the other cables taped together. Only 1300 to sell this time.

… anyone who has needs an HDMI cable probably has one already…

rofl @ the writeups on these small lots…

Will this work for hanging myself?

really?!?! jesus they really are running out of things to sell.

Flat - to help hide it away.
White - so everyone can see it.

Is this the IcyHot of HDMI cables? ?__?

watch there is only 10 of these

In for 2

There are a couple of these, let’s all settle in for a few minutes…

In for 2

I was typing up a comment when the mat was listed and now this! Moving fast!

Gold plated for the allusion of quality!