RCA 11ft Flat Gold Plated v1.3b HDMI Cable

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RCA 11ft Flat Gold Plated v1.3b HDMI Cable
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 RCA FA11HH Flat HDMI Cable

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I wish I needed this…

Gah! I already bought cables this go around.

I bought one. The ends are too fat for some boxes.

lights done flashin

Clicked on the skewers to use my 5 bucks off coupon and it kicked up the cables.


are these any good?

monoprice has em cheaper

They haven’t flashed over here for a long while.

I guess this is to help hide that you are too lazy to properly install your plasma on the wall.

In for 3. Moving soon and will need to hide my cables better.

me too


Another RERUN?! Doesn’t woot know that the New Fall Season has started?!

has anyone else noticed how bad high definition makes certain special effects look??? those monsters that used to be scary now just pop out as really well animated monsters that are pasted into a scene

these look sweet. i need an hdmi cable. i don’t however want to pay an extra five dollars though for its sexy flatness

Not over here.

still flashing on my end.