RCA 160 Watt Rip und Go 5-Disc Microsystem With 256MB MP3

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RCA 160 Watt Rip & Go 5-Disc Microsystem With 512MB MP3
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 RCA 160 Watt Rip & Go 5-Disc Microsystem With 512MB MP3 RS2100

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can you bring this to the beach?

yowzers… this one’s a doozy, i suppose… check useful linkage for the comparison links… and incase you didn’t already know… this is a real good deal.

Rms of the unit?

Can the portable unit be upgraded ?

And will this work with other 2.4 wireless media players?

$ 222
on Froogle

the lower cost ones are 256 mp3 plater not 512

good deal dont need it tho

love it. i’ll take 1 4 shure.

Now this is cool. I wonder if it will fit in the window sill?

Do you have to use the MP3 player that comes with it, or can I hook an iPod up to it? Not that I’m going to buy it anyways, just curious.

aww… ive already got something similar. oh well, maybe tomorrow!

Maybe if it wasn’t made by RCA. Even then, it would still be a big maybe…

u know it may sound strange, but if this thing had a cassette player…i’d jump on it like a squid on a bucket

This would be very cool if you could use a different MP3 player like the Archos with it…does anyone know if you can? Or is the technology proprietary?

Woot Rip and GO!!

nice but not needed since i already have a ipod and an ihome and also a sony surround sound system which i can attach the ipod to.

Bad woot, pass.

I stay away from RCA.
Down by the bay.

Cool buy and glad to see something new, but I already have a good stereo. sleep time!

If it did DVDVs, maybe

Wow this is actually really sweet. I just dont think I want to spend this much on a 160 watt stereo. Damn I will have to sleep on this one.