RCA 200 watt 5.1 Channel Home Theater System w/5 DVD Changer



So this is what a 9-5 job feels like. I’m way too tired to do this 1am thing anymore. I here by open up the floor to anyone who would like to take my place, and try to be the first poster with useful information from now until the and of August. If you would like to be named my temp. successor, PM me and I shal make it offical (not really).

Froogle Link $79.15 Minimum

Yahoo! Shopping Link $79.15 Minimum

Shopzilla Link $92.95 Minimum

Newegg.com Customer Review Link Average Customer Rating 3/5 Stars


For future reference as generally not available once the current woot is over:

RCA 200 watt 5.1 Channel Home Theater System w/5 DVD Changer

$69.99+ $5

New product(s): 1 RCA 200 watt 5.1 Channel Home Theater System w/5 DVD Changer - RTD205


any good??


only 200 watt but it is new


No way RCa try another brand


sweet! Exactly what I need… last month. Sorry woot, got almost the exact same product at Best Buy in April. What a rip-off. And sense i see Yankee’s already doing some useful links, I’ll change mine up a bit this time…

Shopzilla’s Home Theater System Buying Guide…good picks by Zilla.

BizRate has good prices…electronics.com comes in with the best price.

PriceGrabber’s got the same… including a few more stores with lofty prices. no thanks.

as you can see from this link… NewEgg isn’t even close


Where is the wootcast? weeps


aye …


makes it a decent woot only for the shipping.


RCA= Ultimate crap


So many folks see faults in these deals that I don’t, but how can this NOT be a good deal?

 Decent power, good flexibility, nice beat, hell, I can dance to this sucker, Dick!



Looks okay. Any good?


NO thank you, 25 watts per channel out of front and rear, not thank you.

Nite Nite Woot


No AM or FM No Need… Night


ahhh…if oily I needed a new set up. This one sure does look pretty


Very cool, but I already have a nice sony reciever. VERY cool woot and very worth the money, though!


Amazon has it for $131.38



200 watts not enough, cept for bedroom, maybe


Awesome! In for one…almost went for two! You really can’t get a better father’s day gift than this!


What?! no Podcast… Oh this sucks, i mainly stay up for that! now i’ll have to go to bed without it?! i don’t know how I’ll survive.