RCA 32” 720p LCD/DVD Combo HDTV

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RCA 32" 720p LCD/DVD Combo HDTV
$209.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I just want a beard like that.

Here it is on Amazon

Is it a TV with a built in DVD player, or a DVD player with a built in TV? This matters to me.

I’m in for one only if the TV comes with the beard…

That man’s beard is Discusting

Seems well received on Wal-Mart…

Certainly more reviews than the Amazon post above, +4 stars with 98 reviews.

New 32 inch led Westinghouse TV on 1saleaday, also has free shipping. This is not led and not new, but has a DVD built in. In other words this is really not a good deal at all.

Based on it’s size, I’d wager the former :stuck_out_tongue:

The latter would most likely result in an LCD that is probably the size of an Ipad.

Product page


There is a tab for specs and the manual :smiley:

WalMart, where the tech savvy buyers go.
Or not.

Does the TV swivel? If not, getting to the DVD player may be difficult if located in an entertainment center.

Only $10 more than Best Buy’s “hot deal” on their 32" Dynex and this one has a built in DVD player. Considering… If I ever watched DVDs anymore, I’d be on this. I’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Is the Dog included?

You guys keep commenting about the beard, what about the puppy?

Can I have the woot dog? My wife has always wanted a dog…

Well so far it has the most reviews I’ve come across, but certainly with anything you read on the internet your supposed to take it with a pinch of salt.

I am the president of the United States…


Here’s some salt :wink:

Beards make good dog pillows.
true story.

Who is this guy? Rasputin?

Hmmmm, the ability to play DVDs without lots of wires?? no big box to move around and connect???
Likey, likey. Now, how many of these bad boys do they have, or is it safe to wake till morning to pull the trigger???