RCA 32” 720p LCD/DVD Combo HDTV

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RCA 32" 720p LCD/DVD Combo HDTV
$209.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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That is a righteous beard.

might as well included tech woot in this party since you have soo much tech this time

At least there aren’t any similar Woot+ deallll… Oh.

When will the bag of crap come?

Really? Harry Beardman with his pet Dogbark is the best picture you could have slapped on there? I bet he works there.


Wow… stunning 720p and a genuine DVD player? How 2006 of you, Woot.

I don’t know. But it won’t be any sooner just because you asked.

Your Woot TV being delivered via “Smart Post”.


Anyone else having that anxiety when they refresh and it skips so you think it’s going to be what you’re looking for?

Hay! Neet! A smaller wun. I wundrr if thay make em so small thayr like, free?

I think that’s actually a good deal for a 32" flat screen with dvd player though I’d trade the dvd player for LED rather than LCD. Would look great in my kitchen either way.

And so thin too!

Woot, do you have a new buyer or something? I swear woot-offs just haven’t been the same for a while now. They are all PCs, TVs, and overpriced refurbished electronics. Where the hell are the random fun items?

They did that to me with a very heavy body pillow once… I mean you couldn’t tell what it was but I was pissed when I saw it lol.


It could be. You don’t know who’s watching!