RCA 5.1 Channel 300-Watt Home Theater System

RCA 5.1 Channel 300-Watt Home Theater System

Does the video signal need to run through the audio? I have a 4k TV, but would like a nice surround sound to go with it. I’m definitely not sacrificing 4k for 1080p, though.

It has an optical audio input so you can use it as just a sound system. I bought this in the preceding sale and while I don’t plan to return mine I would suggest buying something else. I had to max out the rear channels to get a decent sound level and my $40 RCA soundbar has a much better sub.

@mixologistmarc To be clear, what @mdl8767 is saying is that there is a TOSLINK digital input on the DVD player/receiver, so as long as your TV likewise has a digital audio output, anything with surround sound audio passed through the TV via HDMI can be passed on to the receiver.

@mdl8767 Hmmm. That sucks. Do you think its the receiver/amplifier or the speakers? I already bought one, but was gonna buy another, just 'cause its so cheap… is the soundbar you bought still available for $40?

@gsnixon I’m not sure if it is the speakers or amp. I just set it back up. I think the jaws that contact the bare speaker wire in mine are wonky. I moved to wires to the edge of the contact and the sound level difference mostly went away. I would now say it is worth the asking price.

The only place I can find my soundbar, which it turns out is a Sanyo, now is here on amazon from a third party. I bought it from a regional discount chain a year ago.

Yeah, just got it. It’s tiny, and the speaker wire is cheap, but not bad for $40

So i take it the spaeakers arent wireless