RCA 5-CD 100 Watt Executive Microsystem


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OMG THIS IS NUTS!!! Nice boom box… figures… I can probably get in on this one and I don’t want it…

Wow… Woot is kicking butt!!!

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[color=darkblue:1dabbd0b6f]Hhmm 7 items and so far nothing I can’t live without. Going to go make a pot of coffee. Looks like it’s going to be a long night LOL Macdaddy, be ready cause you’ll probably be able to add me to the whiners list by the end of the night/early morning LOL. It’s only taken me an hour and 15 min to be able to post something LOL :)[/color]


Too bad I have no money :cry:


we need some speakers. A request from my fellow SDers


Yes! Got one!! Just what I was hoping for tonight. Going to be a really sweet addition to the cabin!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


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1st wOOtoff :lol:
Got this item; 3 out of 7


Count me in for 1.

2:38 am here and I’m loving the woot off!!! :lol:


RCA 5-CD 100 Watt Executive Microsystem
For the Micro Executive in your life
$49.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

This 50-watts-per-channel stereo will enliven an office, bedroom, dormitory, or living room. Listen to favorite MP3 CDs, audio CDs, radio stations, and cassette tapes in comfort with the included full-function remote control. The system’s five-disc CD changer lets you enjoy an endless variety of music without interruption, and you can create a different listening experience by randomly playing tracks from one or multiple CDs. Play exchange lets four CDs be loaded while one plays.

The RS2605 supports multiple MP3 compression rates and offers folder navigation and MusicMatch music-management software. The system’s digital FM-AM stereo is outfitted with 32 station presets, and the unit automatically scans the FM band and sets presets to the best tunable stations. The dual-well cassette offers continuous play (deck A to deck B), one-touch recording, automatic tape shutoff, and automatic level control for making distortion-free copies from CD and radio.

Auxiliary input and output foster hookups with ancillary gear like a VCR, DVD player, or CD recorder. RCA used Kevlar materials in the RS2605’s speaker cones to ensure clear, crisp sound while minimizing distortion. Assigned equalization curves let you adjust the sound to your preference (choose from classic, jazz, rock, and pop settings), and bass boost heightens the impact of low frequencies. Other features include CD repeat play, X-Surround (which uses advanced digital technology to simulate surround sound from the main speakers), four-level display dimming, and intro scan. Clock, sleep, and alarm functions add to the system’s uses. You can wake to a favorite CD, radio station, or cassette tape, and set the sleep alarm for up to 120 minutes.

• Stereo speakers with 50 watts per channel (x2) for strong, clear sound
• MP3 playback: Yes (includes MusicMatch music-management software)
• Compatible formats: CD, audio CD-R, audio CD-RW, MP3-CD, cassette
• Power (watts per channel): 50
• Includes cassette: Yes (dual-well with auto-stop on recording and playback)
• Includes radio: Yes (digital tuner)
• Radio presets: 32 FM/AM
• Changer type: Carousel
• Speakers: 2 (3-way, bass-reflex speakers with cones made partially of Kevlar)
• Headphone jack: Yes (.125-inch)
• Intro scan: Yes
• Headphone volume control: Yes
• Audio outputs: 1 stereo analog (left/right)
• Audio inputs: 1 stereo analog (left/right)
• Number of discs: 5
• Play exchange: Yes
• Random play: Yes
• Remote included: Yes (40-key)
• Repeat play: Yes (one/all)
• Sleep timer: Yes (120 minutes)
• Track programming: Yes (20)
• Surround sound: X-Surround (digitally simulates surround sound from two speakers)
• Tone controls: Bass boost, 4 preset equalization settings (classic, jazz, rock, and pop), custom EQ (for manual adjustment of bass and treble)

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[size=18:b2ad49c4f7]Thanks mac daddy1!!! :smiley: [/size:b2ad49c4f7]



Mine was delivered Friday. Sounds good! Tons of features.


Just got mine today. Man this thing is huge! I had no idea it was so big. Sounds really nice though :slight_smile:


Hello wooters!!
I received mine today :smiley:
I plugged in the speaker wires and plugged in the stereo and the display shows
the letters “DI”. :?
None of the buttons produce a reaction - nothing works, not even
the standby/power button just forever “DI”. what could this mean??? :cry:

I think it may be my first wootlemon…I’ve had many wootastic experiences thusfar but
am i out of my $$ on this one?

thanks to any wisdom offered!


I got mine today and as soon as I opened it it was broken on both sides. The top can almost lift off. I dont know what to do. Should I call RCA? Should I contact woot? Should I do both? Please Help!


Sounds like it might be shipping damage, but send an email to service@woot.com. They’ll get it figured out and you taken care of.


Thank You I will.