RCA 7" Dual-Core 8GB Android 4.4 Tablet

Need to know how much RAM does it have, if it have 1 gig I’m in for 3!!

Are you looking for more info than this?

8GB Internal Storage (additional memory via microSD card slot; card not included)

It has 1GB RAM which, of course, is a distinct attribute from the 8GB of internal storage and the MicroSD slot which can accept a card up to 32GB.

Thanks so much! I just don’t get why people can’t understand that tablets and smartphones, just like any other type of computer, have separate RAM and storage. It probably doesn’t help that we’ve suddenly decided it’s okay to refer to storage as “memory” when talking about mobile devices…

I don’t see the Square Trade banner- is there no SQ for this refurb?

It’s under the price point at which SqTr will offer warranties. Sorry.

Does it not have bluetooth??

Not on this device, no.