RCA 7" Dual-Core 8GB Android 4.4 Tablet

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RCA 7" Dual-Core 8GB Android 4.4 Tablet
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Thursday, Feb 11 to Tuesday, Feb 16) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Not so good Reviews over at Walmart

RCA…, once a trustworthy brand, is just a name now. Technicolor SA, who owns the trademark, just licenses the RCA name out to other companies who slap it onto crappy products like this in the hopes of drawing sales from brand recognition.


So if I just want to download the Google free phone ap and use it for gps, it’s not good enough?

How much actual RAM does this unit have? 8GB is the size of the SSD which is not really memory, unless it uses the SSD as a ramdisk which would make it really slow.

Appears to have just 1GB of RAM: http://www.pchelpforum.com/tablets-and-pads/119603-rca-rct6272w23.html

Nah, it’s what ole Joe Schumpeter called creative destruction. There’s several brands like that out there Polaroid, Kodak, Zenith. I actually thought this was a refurbished ebook reader from the tropical rainforest that was relabled as to not cut into the price of said ebook reader which sells for $40.00 new on tropical rainforest[dot]com. That’s why they kept making jokes about it being un-inflammable.

I was thinking, 25 bucks?, how could this not be a great purchase. Then I read the WalMart reviews woncoolone links to. Holy CRAP, emphasis on the crap. Thanks, woncoolone. Read the WalMart reviews before you decide to purchase.

Save on tax and shipping and just light $25 dollars on fire.

You’re welcome.

Do not buy, not even for $25. I got one in the wootoff. The day I received it I dropped it from a height of 18 inches onto a blanket, and the screen shattered. It sounds like i am minimizing the severity of my drop, but I promise you it was 18 inches… and onto a knitted blanket.

Based on the reviews I thought I had at least a few days before the battery swelled and exploded.

Why does Woot sell this junk? Just makes em look bad.

Because there are people that don’t read these comments or any reviews and will buy it. Just go look at the sales stats…

If I had a warehouse full of crap, I would call Woot first before trying to sell it myself.

It costs more to make this product page than the actual product is worth. If you sell even one of these, I feel sorry for that buyer.

I bought 7 for Christmas presents, for people I hate.

Bad reviews aside, it’s not a great purchase because you can get a new (not refurb) 7" Kindle Fire tablet for only $15 more (currently $10 off the normal price). Sure, you’re locked into the Amazon ecosystem, but that wouldn’t be a problem for most people.

These are not KitKat. They are JellyBean.

I contacted RCA about it and…

Unfortunately this tablet will not be able to upgrade to a new version of android. The tablet is running the most up-to-date version it can handle

Kind of hard to use it for GPS when it’s not working. Read the reviews at Amazon and Wal Mart. These things fail at a most alarming rate and often very quickly.

Well if he was here, old Joe would tell you that this tablet is the surest, fastest way to creatively destruct 25 bucks.

We’ve confirmed that it is JellyBean. We’ve updated the sale.