RCA 720p Digital Camcorder

Hey, there is something I’d be in for. Brother’s in arms.

I hope a reply will prevent your post from summary deletion… I agree that this particular woot is far from the horrors I have created in my own mind post-change. However, at no time in the past do I recall editors deleting posts from users… In fact posts decrying the items listed seemed to make it to the quirky column… Further evidence of the subtle yet prolific changes of this site are evidenced by your post. An ally in emotion I have found… justification of nothing - yet left with subtle scents of of several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and somthing-or-other…
And I cried… cried… cried…

Could not agree with you more! Each month I would spend about 200$ on woot stuff. I could not wait until the next day to see what was in the works. Not sure why but once I saw the facelift I got a bit turned off, its no longer a thing that only a million of us know, but now it looks more commercialized and it seems like VC’s entered the scene. I guess they will just end up being another Silicone Valley puppet show. No disrespect wooters! Just the way I see it. PEACE!

I must agree. The change in the website layout has changed me from a daily user to maybe a twice-weekly user.

I think the change in the experience has something to do with the buyout. The mission before was to clear inventory. The mission now is to increase shareholder value. (Just like any other publicly traded company).

Also, the shirts have been too “cutesy” for a long time now.

Does it work with 220 - 240 V electricity ? Thanks.

Didn’t see it anywhere–does it play nice with iMovie?

You need one with a CCD sensor not the CMOS. LOTS of them have the CMOS and they are good for daytime but at night they suck. I have been using lots of models for sometime and IMHO found this one to be the best out there http://www.longintech.com/en/goods.php?id=2 They are hard to find in the US though, but if you google search it you should find them. Youtube also has some good sample videos of them. They have a built in lcd screen and you can change out the lens to different wide angles. The whole unit is smaller than a deck of cards.

Hey guys, we do want your feedback on the site but it would be better if you would add it to the World of Woot thread as it’s where the rest of the staff checks regularly. It’s gonna get lost in this thread, I’m afraid.

Now, how about this camcorder?

In the product threads, we look for useful posts about the product whether they’re positive or negative. We do delete posts that don’t discuss the product or give useful information like “L****ame”, “Hated it”, “This Sucks” and the one you described don’t give any information to the wooters that they can use.

Feedback on the site is always appreciated but it’s best if it goes in more appropriate threads.


I’ve bought plenty of things from here and I love them all. One in particular being the Dell Streak 7 - everyone was giving it crap but I love it. I updated it to honeycomb and it is a nice little tablet. The negative reviews made it look like a paperweight, but being a somewhat techie person myself I can easily see that a lot of the reviews were from tech snobs who didn’t like that it couldn’t do this one thing (be it any random crap that I never knew existed) - cynical tech people are on here like crazy and will badmouth a product at the drop of a hat. Now, I’m not saying to ignore bad feedback, sometimes it is very helpful, but be able to tell whether the review came for a 12 year old still up at 3am and is addicted to World of Warcraft and thinks that if a device doesn’t have x, y, or z its lame – ugh.

The worst part about the new site is all the whiners who insist on coming back repeatedly to complain about it. If you don’t like it just go away (or post your feedback where feedback was requested). Or maybe it’s that you’ve decided it not as bad as you first thought?

Super camcorder, TT. Looks nothing like you, though…

To the rest of you, look at woot.com/today. Nearly as good as the original, it’s my new ‘go-to’ page for Woot!

Agreed. If they would just look at the top right corner of the screen they would clearly see a “beta feedback” button. Use it.

No built in memory. You need to buy a card.

Does anyone know what the limitations are as to how long this will run/record on one charge? I need to record something that is an hour and a half long and I am concerned about it stopping part way through.

Huge difference, even though there’s barely a difference. I think what turns me off is the fact that there’s 4 large-picture and ~8 small-picture items on the front page vying for my attention - it feels like I’m having ads thrown at me. Once it’s back to one product it feels better again. I guess it’s the feeling that woot.com is now sort of a portal page rather than a product page, you have to click the item to see the description.

The Amazon reviews linked to above are for a slightly different model number (3100 instead of the 2100) but they indicated at least two hours of recording time on medium quality. Hoping that’s true of this one, too.

Anyone have any idea if it can be charged while recording? That would be ideal. I’m hoping yes, since it comes with a wall outlet adapter for the USB cord.

I agree with you. The new layout of the site has lost some of the “fun,” which was half the reason to visit.

These will be great for my kids for Christmas. In for two.

Looks like a decent deal, I’m in for one!