RCA 8 Device Backlit LCD Learning Universal Remote



As far as universal remotes are concered my motto is, “If it isn’t a harmony, its not worth buying”

Night night, w00t.


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

RCA 8 Device Backlit LCD Learning Universal Remote
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 RCA 8 Device Backlit LCD Learning Universal Remote RCU811


Lame device, I looking for one that will do both UHF (Dish) and infra red.

Nite woot.


is this a woot off?

the “i want one” button is already on the way out… could it be that there will be a new item shortly? or is it only a woot-off when there is the yellow indicator at the bottom?


Ahhh, daylight savings time. That means woot is 1 hour earlier for the Arizona regulars. Yippee! No more staying up late. (Sorry Indiana!)


Can I switch to good woots with this remote?

Does it have a refesh button for my computer?


what do you all mean when you say Bride of Chucky?


this is not as much fun as I hoped. but the screen is cool. maybe get one for my grillfriend.


I already have a freakin harmony remote which sits in the corner of my room, call me old fashion, I just like having all my remotes and all of there functions. Woot, hurry up with a Woot Off already. Your humble servant

PS. Will it do my laundry?



Cheapest price I found $22.99 on Buy.com. Somewhat mediocre woot…


I stayed up for this???
Actualy, I’ll wait till w00t comes up with a 32 inch LCD for around $700 before i buy this…
I’ll hook it up to the motorola that I wooted months ago.


doesn’t one of these come with like every decent piece of electronics nowadays?


Have one, they’re okay, but I agree with CNET:

Button labels are too small; backlight doesn’t illuminate labels; cranky learning mode; doesn’t map all relevant controls for many devices.

Despite some tantalizing feature potential, this budget RCA learning remote covers only the basics.


isnt this like the 4rth remote since the last bag o crap,… seems like our dollars will be invested into remotes.


I am not remotely interested in this.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


That’s no joke…Hoosiers got screwed on that deal. Still devoted to the wOOt though!


Unfortunately, this won’t work for me. I need nearly every button programmable to replace my IR keyboard on my HTPC.

Sorry, no woot for me tonight…


PS your graphic validation generator sucks


Good price, but who really needs another remote?
G’night moon, I mean Woot.


Got one for my inlaws - the damn kids are always losing their remote for the tv or dvd or… maybe they’ll lose this one too, oh heck; I’ll get two.