RCA 8 Device Backlit LCD Learning Universal Remote



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Not for me… Got me a Harmony 880 on the way from Dell.


one of the better product descriptions




sweet remote… And its Brand NEW!


Does this remote control your TiVo?


Great deal, but I love my harmony remote. Nothing under $200 can hold a candle to an $80 Harmony.


Any idea if this would work as a TiVo remote?


Froogle link $20.99

Well, finally thought I could go and get something to eat, yet it sells…


The Ultimate Woot-off Checker:



Think it would work with a PS2?


I bought this last time, it works great!


I’ve clicked there four times now, and every time says “service unavailable”…


hahah … nice


I bought this in the last wootoff for 5 bucks more, and it’s been a good purchase. It does eat through batteries and becomes sluggish when it’s without full juice, but it’s the only remote that has ever worked with ALL my components, including the cheap TV and DVD player.



I’m sure this post will get deleted, but:

Is it really necessary to post about how you aren’t going to buy something from a woot off? If you have insight as to product quality or value, fine… But if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, don’t say it at all!

This remote is available from buy.com for $22.99.


14.99 last time around during woot-off. I thought they were all sold out. Where’s the bag o crap?


What the? The remote is gone, and the keyboard is back, with varying messages saying it’s sold out, then has stock again. What’s going on?


Weird – got in my order, but by the time I bought, it had switched back to the Logitech set. Now it’s back to RCA. I have an order #, but the order status is still bugging out. Hope the order goes through . . . .

This is my first time to Woot. Please be gentle.