RCA 8" Quad-Core 8GB Android 4.4 Tablet

RCA = zombie brand name. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Perhaps a user can prove me wrong?

How good is the lens on he 2mp camera?

I am not the owner, but I had a chance to play with this before. It was actually somewhat faster and more reliable than the other similar low-end tablets, but it is not as great as other expensive tablets either. So, I would recommend this if you are looking for a 30$ish tablet, but you get what you pay for.

The camera is poor (like other low-end tablets).

I bought the 7" version of this a month or so ago on WOOT and loved it until my grandson appropriated it after he dropped his more expensive tablet in the toilet. In for this one as a backup to my iPad mini and will take it places I don’t want to take my mini. It was simple to set up and way more reliable than an AARP Realpad I have (which my grandson returned to me - it has no memory of a WIFI address).

Any comments on the display? Particularly the screengap? I bought the Trio AXS 4g and it is an okay device, but the screengap on it is terrible and decreases the off angle visibility. I need another 7 or 8" device for a project I’m working. Right now I am leaning toward the $50 7" kindle, but I’m open to alternatives.

You are considering a refurb from a “basket-O-brands” company with no meaningful after sale service for a project? Skip a few meals out and get something a bit better.

I’m sure this would not compare with the high-end tablets. But sometimes, we just need an inexpensive tablet to carry around. I got one of the Trio AXS tablets from Woot awhile back, and I actually like it pretty well. I lug it around with me at work, and it’s always subject to getting lost or damaged; so perfect for that need.

If this tablet compares to the Trio, then it’ll be well worth the price. And Amazon has cases for it.

I need to run and Netflix/Hulu and such apps, thats all. Does it charge with a micro usb? Need that as well.

Will it handle a 64 gb SD card, or only 32g?

Yes, it charges via USB.


I wouldn’t use this as a regular tablet, but Digital photo frame, alarm clock, internet radio streamer… for $40 (shipping included), it’s not a bad deal.