RCA Combo DVD Recorder and VCR


I only have two tapes I need to transfer, so I guess I’ll pass on this handy little guy. Oh, and Happy New Year!


Price: $258.22

~ Chris
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Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

RCA Combo DVD Recorder & VCR
$79.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 RCA Combo DVD Recorder & VCR - DRC8312N


Happy New Year! I made it til midnight. I’m too tired to read the fine print, but can you record from vhs to dvd-r? See if I’m awake later to read response.


What a POS for the new year Woot. What are you thinking. I can get these new at Wally world for less. You suck.


Does woot know that one can get an older rival brand imitation at a big box store for $60.00 on clearance? What a bargain to begin 2007 - not!


I bought the last RCA DVD recorder woot had during the w00t-off… POS! Bad RCA!


Uh…what’s a VCR?
Some ancient piece of technology that decodes the ancestor of DVD’s?
Oh Okay.


Sucky way to start '07. First, it’s a Refurbish. Second, it’s an RCA. I guess the powers that are at work at WOOT - figured that enough people would snatch up a decent item and it would be gone by 8am :frowning: Even my father-in-law has gotten rid of his VCR and he ran Windows ME for almost 3 years!


I use my comuter to record and burn disks why do I need this


Some people want to transfer their home movies (vcr) onto dvd media and may not have a PC DVD burner and a capture card.


Almost wooted this one. But, I saw the Amazon comments. I’m sure another will come around this year. HNY 2007!!!


Kind of like an 8-track on steroids.


I read the fine print. LOL…Happy New Year everybody…hic a hic…


DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! Recently purchased it from woot and it was the biggest scam we have bought - does not trnsfer from VHS to DVD, unless the VHS was recorded on the machine itself - so any old VHS fuh ged aboud it! Refurbished - my woot, it was still broken when it arrived, and we tried to contact RCA and they were no help in getting it repaired… The problem is not with woot and not there fault but rather RCA’s and poor representation of ethics. Refurbished but still needs repairs! For example, DVD’s freeze up during playback. machine gets amnesia and forgets what it was doing and than has to have nice hard reset to remember, DVD-Recording works only part of the time, and so on. Perhaps you will have better luck but I would steer clear, and wait for a better recorder and some what equal price


Not very highly reviewed on epinions

p.p.s. a reliable dvd/vcr with the DVi (firewire) connector and an HD would be wonderful WOOT!
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at sears for $69.99 Sylvania Dual Deck DVD/VCR Combo
Sears item #05757185000 Mfr. model #SRDD495.
I will pass thanks,woot!!!


Happy New Year Fellow-WOOTers! I would buy this if it had a hard drive built in. Still, this is a good price, but I have not had good experiences with RCA Products lately. WOOT, may I suggest you look for a DVD Recorder with built-in Hard Disk Drive. Thanks.