RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD Upconversion

Another wootoff checker, plenty of bandwidth to waste

Woot Checker

any good?

my first woot off… is destroying my life

a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items and stats can be found HERE site might not load the first time due to heavy traffic, so just hit refresh and it should show up.

Here is your good cheap DVD player

I bought this 2 weeks ago, and it works great.

The descriptions have been getting more and more abusive…

good product, just got it for 5 dollars more on an earlier woot

I also have a checker running at
www.throwthemind.com/woot although there doesn’t seem to ba a pic…ill fix it later.

ugh… I wanted the Toshiba earlier

this is the one that sucks, right?


Hmmm… midly appealing. Man, I have not gotten any work done today… Thanks Woot!

I mean really, what could I do with it that I can’t already with my PC’s DVD rewritable drive and Dvdxcopy?

I got mine last week… works fine, looks good. No problems so far.

Re-furb=Shined-up Crap

That looks spiffy. If only I needed one. Especially a refirb.


I got ya jack right here, bub!

Calling me an idiot. My mom calls me an idiot.