RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD Upconversion

That seems like a darn good price. Froogle’s lowest is over $90. DRC8052N - Google Shopping

My first DVD player in 2000 was an RCA and it still works fine today. Not that I still use it…but still.

Edit: Then again I don’t know if RCA is still operating as a full-on brand manufacturer or if it’s been relegated to licensing its name out to bargain cheapo outfits like Polaroid has.

There’s a reason to get this, please enlighten anyone

looks pretty sweet, I have a divx dvd player and love it. Add up conversion and dvd recording, seems pretty sweet. Id go for it if i didnt already have a divx dvd player. Good price too, the cheapest one of these at circuit city is over 100 i believe.

Looks like this won’t even POWER ON for many reviewers!!

Unit sounds OK, however it has a built in NTSC tuner, and that is going to stop working Feb 2009. Not a bad deal, but a deal breaker for myself.

Nite Nite Wooters.

No digital (ATSC) tuner. Pass.


Refurb! Also, it’s RCA, and I’ve never had much luck with their products

I’ve owned this exact model. I paid more, but got a LOT less. It broke within a week of my buying it. One of my favorite TVs was an RCA, but they have gone severely south in recent years. I would suggest steering away from this model. There’s a good reason for an excessive amount of Refurbished models being available.

RCA refurbs seem to be fairly popular lately…

Yours was new yes?

I bought one back in April from a wOOt for $80. It works great for what I’m using it for which is just a nice secondary DVD player in the bedroom and a way to get stuff off of my old Series 1 TiVo.

refurb… no thanks

Do upconverting DVD players do that much better of a job than the TV? From my research the answer seems to be a big “Mehhhh”.

I have one and it’s crap. Actually I have 3, the first 2 crashed in <30 days and I’m on the third. RCA will NOT service these. Instead you have to make 20 phone calls to learn RCA is now “Thomas Electronics”. Once you mail it a couple of times to their service center in Socorro Texas and wait around a month they may send you another refurb.

My 2 repairs took so long because these aren’t made anymore. They wait for enough busted ones to come in so they can scavenge enough parts to repair their stock.

Who knows, you may wind up buying one of my previous units. After all these are refurbs

nope, got it long ago though. Probably from a wootoff

I wooted this and two weeks later it died. Just say no.

What does it upconvert to? Now that is the question…

720p/1080i??? or 1080p???

I’m guessing the 720p/1080i

And ya man… I noticed the lack of ATSC tuner as well… so in 2009 this thing’ll be obsolete

My question is : How much would you pay for a HDMI cable only ? Well, this one comes with a video recorder also !

You are correct