RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD Upconversion


You speaking through experience?

Would that be a wootiny?

For the next woot- random crap!!


your mum

mute wootiny. man i’m tired.

No! I am not going to buy a DVD player so that you guys on the roomba radio can get your bag of crap. :stuck_out_tongue: I also want my bag of crap so maybe you guys can buy this DVD player.

so - whatever happened with that “final warning” thing, anyway?

I’ve never come across someone unwilling so ■■■■ is impossible.

there will have to be one if there isn’t a BOC this time

your right cause My name is Oeddy!



Don’t be a


…buy three of these NOW!!!

Do her legs break from top heavy?

Yea, wootany time! Dammit! Hmmm. Wonder if they have some scoobas?


what do you mean?

i now have my 22 rifle out, im about to shoot my computer screen if this doesn’t sell out.