RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD Upconversion

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RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD Upconversion
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 RCA DRC8052N Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HD Upconversion and HDMI Out

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Interesting. Anyone have already?

where’s the HD-DVD players? haha.

hmm, a few months ago sure, but now i have a ps3 that does all this

saw this already!!! :wah:

weird stuff on tv at 3 o well i wont remember tomorrow

Damn I bought the toshiba

DVD is so old school!
Start bringing in Blu-ray!

i have it its junk realy slow

great price!

how many central time zoners we got up?

We bought this originally and had very BAD LUCK WITH THIS UNIT. Would not open or play DVD’s all the time… Maybe just got a bad refur-bished unit.

Good luck wooters.

Much as I would love to, I just cannot imagine myself buying this…but I am sure that it is perfect for just about every one else out there

Buy UP


I bought one and the HDMI does not work.

it’s official, we’re stuck in an endless time warp loop… i feel another laptop coming




Nice UNIT… If I did not have 2 already, I would go for it… And I paid alot more for mine…