RCA Dual Wattage Foreign Voltage Adapter

RCA Dual Wattage Foreign Voltage Adapter

$4.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

I could’ve used this when I was deployed. Fried many a piece of equipment that couldn’t handle 220V.


This is a great deal. I wish I would’ve had this for when I was overseas. If you even think about traveling out of the country, you should get this.

Looks pretty sleek, but only 3 stars on average from the Amazon reviewers…

There’s a good review on Buzzillions too…

Dual Wattage ? how about Dual Voltage with a step up and step down transformer for 110 and 220 ? what is this good for ? everything i have works overseas.

in for 1. my old one gave out while in Italy this summer. Indispensable for overseas travel.

will this work in turkey?

it’s 4.99 on that auction site. But shipping is 9.80.




A really great deal. Just two months back, I had to go to Australia for a conference and bought just one 3-pin USA-Australia plug converter for $9 alone. So get this if you travel a lot overseas. I just got myself one :slight_smile:

Awesome. I managed to lose my part of my aunt’s adapter while in Croatia this summer, and I’ve been putting off getting her a new one…at this price, I’m getting both her and I a new one. Hers is from like, the 70s anyway. It was time for a change…at least that will be the excuse when I give her this.

Great Brittain? Really woot?

turkey does not enjoy

It should even work in a Turkish Jail. What are you doing there anyway?

Im going to Chile and im going to need to power my Digital Camera, Panasonic DVX camcorder, and my iPod… will this help!?

And who the heck would want to go to turkey?..the most shameful country government in the last 100 years on this planet, right after Hitler!..ask any greek or armenian how many millions they have slaughtered!

I want to celebrate thanksgiving again, I missed it last thursday.

Does this actually let me plug in a US (110v) device into European (220v) sockets or not???

in for 2. my sister is going to singapore. These came just in time.