RCA Dual Wattage Foreign Voltage Adapter

my brother has a shaver from malaysia, will this allow him to use it in the states?

Does it work with mac?

If your church has overseas missionaries, get three of these as a gift for them – they’ll thank you for it every day they’re “over there.” (My wife has a friend – old college roommate – that did that kind of work, it is NOT a vacation! They go places you wouldn’t want your plane to be diverted to overnight, and stay there to help people who make “the poor” in America look like “the rich” in their context.

The “luxury” of having a few decent power adapters would make their lives a lot nicer, and the price is certainly right with this deal.

Why would a Malaysian need a shaver for. It would be easier to believe your Italian Grandmother needs one.

Yes, if under 1600 watts. Additionally, a lot of electronics are dual voltage, so you might just need a plug adapter. Check the voltage and wattage information on the item you wish to use.

his girlfriend bought him one when she was there…

and can’t use it now…

so yeah…

Has anyone able to change the shipping or is that just something you can’t do on sellout? I’m leaving for India with 3 friends who have never been there before on the 19th, but I’m leaving for NY to meet up with them on the 14th.

Can anyone give me some advice: should I get them shipped to me, to NY, or assume they won’t get to either place in time? First sellout was a couple of surges a little while ago and they aren’t here yet.
->confidence lowered. Although, woot and shirt.woot have always been prompt.

I’d think you’d be fine getting it in two weeks, then again I’ve never sellout.wooted before…

O M G … the writeup is freakin’ hilarious! I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard.

The photos show that this converter does not have a socket for a grounding pin on the US side. However, the flat pin sockets look like they may be high enough on the device that a grounding pin would fit over the top of the entire thing.

Does anyone know if a plug that has a grounding pin will fit into this without damaging something?

it looks like it would be fine for the 4 little plugs.

In for 3. The little woman keeps losing them.

But no 3 prong is normal. You won’t find 3 prong in europe and the US 3 prong plugs fit. The ground prong just hangs out there.



It’s good for electronics (battery chargers, etc) under 50 watts.

If your device is over 50 watts, it either needs to handle 220V itself (most laptop power supplies will do this, for example) and you just use the plug adapter without transformer, or you use the “high” setting on the transformer. But on “high”, it’s a converter not a transformer. This means that you can plug in a hair dryer or something else that’s really just a big heater, but not electronics.

On the “high” setting, instead of producing a proper 110V sine wave, it chops parts of the wave off so that the average amount of power comes out right. That way your hair dryer won’t overheat and catch fire, but your electronics will be unhappy.

Does Malaysia have something in the air that automatically shaves you? If so, it didn’t work for me the last time I was there :frowning: .

If it is, as I suspect, some sort stupid bigoted remark about Islam, then it may be of interest to you that Malaysia is so fundamentalist that I can buy alcohol in KL or most of the rest of Malaysia without needing to show some stupid id like I need to in the US and can even drink it out in the open which is definitely not the case in most of the US.

Yeah, don’t get the wrong idea. You aren’t going to run a refrigerator on this thing. It’s for travel. You shove it in your suitcase for your shaver, hair dryer, battery charger, etc. Small appliances. Maybe a coffee pot, but you probably aren’t going to pack a coffee pot for a trip to europe either.

Most Mac’s have a switching power supply and only need an outlet adapter. But you can hardly buy an adapter for the price of this woot. I am in for 3!

Heading for Australia in 2 weeks!

I have one of these as a Radioshack brand, and it works just fine. I’ve tested it in Malaysia and Europe, though the problem with it was that you can’t have it plugged in for extended periods of time. It would overheat and stop working for a couple hours. Not that great for charging things that take awhile, though I don’t know if that will apply to this brand of chargers (that looks suspiciously the same).

I live in China. I’m in for 3 and I’ll pick them up next time I’m home. This price is amazing.

I had one of these a couple years ago.

Fried it with my straightener in Thailand in about 10 minutes.