RCA DVD Recorder and Hi-Fi VCR Combo



RCA still exists?


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

RCA DVD Recorder and Hi-Fi VCR Combo
$89.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 RCA DVD Recorder and Hi-Fi VCR Combo DRC8310n


so what is this 4-head, 6-head what?


is this a good unit?


Not a bad price, but no HD.


What is this thing you call V.C.R.? I’ve never heard of it?


Some useful links for the day…

Shopzilla… from $130

BizRate… from $130

Nextag… from $130

CNet… from $130

…interesting… every site has a low of $130… guess who the store is… you’ll never guess… but it is indeed a re-furb as well… go ahead… guess… you’ll never guess… i bet you never even heard of it before… i haven’t… … anyways… just get the woot.


a liger is pretty much my favorite animal.


$99 new at newegg


the dvi port is a typo


I am interested but is this any good
I’ll check in the morning see what is posted


So this is what it’s like to not be at the top of the page. Interesting!

Froogle Link Minimum Price $99.99

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $114.99

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $129.95

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Rating 2 1/2 Stars


Amazon has it for 219.99



DVI input? Curious that the manual on RCA’s site doesn’t even mention a DVI output let alone an input.



Wow, I’m the first sucker. I feel so honored.
I have been pricing these for quite some time. This is a steal at less than $100.


Chief value has it for 100.99 plus 13 to ship http://www.chiefvalue.com/product/productdetails.aspx?submit=&item=82-125-139&ATTDVD%20Recorder

Newegg has it for 99.99 plus 13.08 shipping.

Seems like an interesting enough buy… I don’t know who still needs this stuff.


Yes…this is the kind that can record directly from a tape to a DVD. I say this because, with every DVD Recorder, someone asks “Can you use this to copy VHS tapes to DVD?”.

If you look closely, you can see where the tape goes in, whereas when you usually ask there is no such slot.

Please, control your excitement.



poor remarks on amazon


IN my experience, their is no such thing as a good RCA product.


vcr? rca? didnt rca make dog recordings?

interesin combo… gnite…