RCA FM Transmitter

RCA FM Transmitter

$2.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished RCA FM Transmitter, for $2.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x RCA MM70FM FM Transmitter

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What’s the range? How many feet can it reach?

this look cheap.

How strong is the signal?


Approximately 2.

Kidding, but I can’t imagine too great of a range with something this dinky-looking.

  • Connect the FM transmitter to your portable devices & enjoy the sound through your car or home FM stereo
    • No wires needed to be connected to your FM stereo
    • Compatible with portable DVD, CD & MP3 players
    • Power indicator
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries
    • Frequency range 88.1 to 88.7
      i guess if you need one… iam in for some back-ups at that price.

Wow, these got RIPPED on Amazon.com

Amazon.com Reviews

No thanks woot, I’ll pass

Had one and it sucked like a wind tunnel.

FM transmitters are terrible. They really aren’t worth their price, no matter what it is. Sound quality is bad, and liable to interference, and thats even on the high end models. I can only imagine this cheapo one.

Wow! 88.1 - 88.7! So many options! No way in hell this thing would be worth a crap unless you live in the booines.

I don’t think all FM transmitters necessarily suck. I had a Belkin version, powered by a DC adapter for the car, that worked like a charm. Good range, sound quality and signal. Where I think this puppy fails is being powered by 2 AAA batteries…
Not exactly glowing with magic power juice…

Actually, April 22, 3208 is on a Tuesday, not a Wednesday.

I have this exact transmitter. I just got it to use with my shower radio, and the signal couldn’t reach even when the device was hanging from the shower’s glass door. So I opened it up and added a 1 ft long wire antenna to the circuit board, and now it works from all the way down the hall. It also works in the car now.

I felt the same way… I had bought the belkin and blew snowballs. I bought 3 of Phillips last time it was up on woot and i have been pleasantly suprised. The biggest trick i have found is you have to adjust the volume on your mp3 player. Some times i have to turn it up to make it clearer and other times turn it down… I have had it for a couple months and i am pleasantly surprised.

The one i have plugs into the cigarette lighter not sure if that makes a difference but it works well and i live in a highly metroplitan area where open channels are hard to find. It comes across loud and clear. Good luck!

Ah, but are you taking into account the gradually increasing length of a year, and the unaccounted for minutes that build up over time during leap years?

Although, i do once again proclaim my distaste for FM transmitters. My girlfriend had one of the nice Belkins, and even it had quality inferior to CD. It didn’t have static problems, but every once and a while the signal would be lost a little and the flow of the song would get ruined. I guess i’m just a stickler for things like that.

Looks like a good buy, if you need one.

You can use this with the Sansa e260 you can get off woot. lol