RCA HPNC050 Noise Canceling Headphones



Those look like they were imported from the 1990s.


are these good? What is the deal - they do look like 1990 surplus goods.




$29 dollars


RCA HPNC050 Noise Canceling Headphones

$9.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference


i bet people will think you’re listening to some cool mix tapes from your significant other.


are you kidding me, those look like jackie chan.


in for one


If you went to yacht.woot.com, raise your hand.


I was just about to make this post.


Amazon likes em http://www.amazon.com/RCA-HPNC050-Noise-Canceling-Headphone/dp/B000AY7A54/


Pass. Already got one of the good pairs of over the ear noise canceling head phones that they have been selling. Still happy with them so good luck.


I’m really disappointed that Woot didn’t set up a dummy site at yacht.woot.com.

Like, seriously.


Its ugly, but is it anygood?


<raises hand in embarrassment> I’m such a sucker…but I had such high hopes!

And yeah, these look pretty cheap, like the noise cancelling BRICK might either fall apart or be used as a self-defense weapon.


I’m a little confused - they fold for easy storage, but they’re permanently attached to a unusually large on-cable volume adjustment box? How…convenient.

ETA: The speed to the first woot is still at -5 seconds. Wow, these headphones must be good for that kind of selling power.


/me slowly raises hand…


Never, never, never buy RCA. They were respectable once, but now they just pimp out the brand name. For example, go over to woot.com and check out some of the comments on that crappy DVD player/recorder they were selling a while back:



wants to look… but hasn’t yet.


I can’t believe woot passed up a chance to Rickroll all of us that clicked on yacht.woot.com.